Don't give up!

Well hello my fellow reader chums!

Today was like a 'study day' in my sixth form, meaning we had the day off, exciting times! I guarantee everyone else was enjoying their day off and then there's me at home doing coursework, oh the joys of A levels!

Today was also the semi colon project, which i took part in here some info about it:

People say suicide is a selfish act, but whats really selfish is making someone feel so low about themselves that they'll want to take their own life. Everyone out there you do have a purpose, don't listen to all those haters, stay strong and positive, i promise it'll get easier! Put your hand over your heart, you hear that its your heartbeat, you're living for a reason and you are loved!

If you are feeling down or low there are people who can help you, don't keep it all in, its better to talk to someone!

Stay strong and don't give up <3

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