University talks ahh!!

Well hello my fellow reader chums!

Today i visited a university fair with my sixth form which is basically where you go to all the different booths to receive information about different unis in the country. May i say what a selection like where do I begin?!  There were so many different courses available and making decisions is just extremely difficult, its bad enough i have no idea what i want to do in the future but seeing all these choices is making me panic more! Ahhh help!

I'm only sixteen years old and its weird to think next year I'll be choosing decisions which are going to decide what I'm going to be doing with my life! I honestly don't feel mature enough to be deciding such vital things, i miss the days where your parents picked everything for you! I genuinely miss being a child and i don't get why we wanted to grow up its so much harder than i expected! They say teenage years are hard and they definitely are, its been such an emotional time for me recently, i really just want to go back to the good old days!

My twin sister Maria, my brother Matthew and I <3

My family <3
The good old days where the hardest thing was choosing a ice cream flavour! As much as i argue with my family , i do love them dearly and have no idea what I'd do without them! I guess as I've had such a hard time lately and all the stress is getting to me I'm taking it out on them..

My advice i would give to you is to don't panic like me, it'll get you nowhere trust me! Look into all the courses that take your interest and work towards it if you really want it! I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to university or not but whatever i decide, I'm just going to appreciate what i have and try and enjoy life more! As you only do live once so live for the moment, be spontaneous and have no regrets! <3

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