New friends!

Evening my fellow reader chums!

As you probably already know, i began sixth form the September just gone and am studying five a levels: English, double dance, history and Philosophy & ethics! Yes it is a lot of work but you just have to plough through it!

Since i began sixth form, I've become more confident as a person as I've got to meet loads of new people and as were only a small sixth from, everyone is quite close and its easier to talk to people. In particular I've gotten closer to everyone who studies double dance, were like a little family and i love them so much! They have defiantly brought me out of myself and made me like more me, if that makes sense? I feel more comfortable now being myself with people, i feel like I'm not as shy as i used to be, which i love!

Even though i have known most people in the sixth form since year 7 I've never really had the chance to speak to them as we were all in our own friendship groups, there still is some divide but its easier to talk to everyone! I never had the chance to get close to the dance girlie's in earlier years but I'm so happy i have now! Also, to have new additions to our group: Gee and Laura as they have defiantly changed us but for the better! As i said I'm so happy this year has brought upon new friends, who I've gotten so close to and brought me out of my shell more! <3

Here's some pics with me and my dance girlie's:

                                                                                                                                 Laura and I <3
Gee, Lauren and I <3

Asia and I <3

   Me, Mel and Maria <3                                                                   

                                                                                          Me and Danielle (Chummy) <3

                                          All the dance girlie's at pineapple dance studios <3
Love all the dance girlie's loads, we are family! Kisses <3 xxxxxxx

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