MUA Undress Me Too Palette review

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I'm a big fan of neutral eye shadow palettes, I much prefer how they look on the eyes and are easier to pair with lipstick or outfits. If you're looking for an affordable neutral palette, the MUA Undress Me Too Palette is for you - and here is my review.

Colour pigmentation and price of the palette

The MUA palette has such beautiful pigmented, natural colours which are easy to use for a natural day to day look. I've used the previous Undress Me Palette which was amazing and I could easily create shadowy eye effects from, that I didn't think MUA could get much better but this is my new favourite.

This palette only costs me £4 which makes it incredibly affordable for those budget makeup shoppers. The palette offers twelve colours ranging from creamy to darker shades such as dark metallic browns and black.

MUA undress me to palette

I personally use this palette on a day to day use because it creates a natural-looking eye effect. The colours aren't too bold and stand out too much but are rather subtle and flattering, as I have blue eyes the brown bring out my eyes even more! I find the creamy colours useful to highlight the brow bone and in the inner corner making your eyes stand out that little bit more.

Favourite makeup look with Undress Me Too Palette

MUA undress me to palette
MUA undress me to palette

To achieve this look, I use four of the colours, one on the lid, two in the crease and the outer corner and one to highlight the brow bone and inner corner. I find this look natural and subtle that can be worn as a daily thing without looking too extravagant.

Overall thoughts

The MUA palette is a must buy in my opinion, it's affordable and in anyone's price range if you don't want to splash out on high-end make-up brands. This palette has twelve pigmented and natural colours which can easily achieve a shadowy eye or effect of a daily look. The uses of this palette are endless with multiple looks being able to be created. 

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