The moments we live for!!

Well hello my fellow readers!

Had a little realisation today about everything, I've been so lucky this year, despite all the bad news I've been to loads of amazing places and did things i never thought i would do!

 Best day of my life going to see my idols live, One Direction! Ahhh it was just too amazing for words and I'm so happy i got to experience it with my best friends!

When you've waited for something for so long and it finally comes, its the best feeling in the world, i even cried when they came on stage it felt so surreal! If you were lucky enough to go to their Take Me Home Tour you'd know what I'm talking about! The boys are my idols and always will be <3
If that wasn't good enough in the same week i went to see wicked on the west end with all the dance girlie's as well as having a workshop at pineapple dance studios! Just wow! Seriously, anyone who reads this go see it, its beyond phenomenal, definitely recommend it! 5 stars!!
My best friend and I just before the performance :)
Today, i realised how amazing my friends are they're always there for me and always make me laugh i honestly don't know what I'd without them! I had a lovely catch up with two of my oldest friends on the train and i realised how much i missed them and the moments we used to have! All those inside jokes with your besties are the moments we live for, cherish life as time is a precious thing and you don't know how long these good things will last. Try and appreciate what you have more, i know its hard as you always think people have it better but trust me this is something I've been trying to do lately, look at your life and you'll realise you are lucky, people do have it much worse!

The moments we live for, love my best friends forever and always <3 :)

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