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Hello my fellow reader chums, i hope you're all well!

Today's blog is going to be a serious one. Bullying is a horrible thing that nobody should have to experience, it really sickens me when people feel its okay to put another person down and make them feel useless. I have been bullied before and its one of the worst feelings in the world not thinking you're good enough and people laughing at you. What right do you have to judge someone? Everyone has their own story to tell, you don't have the right to judge them because of it.

Words hurt. Saying things such as 'fat', 'ugly', 'useless', 'slut' etc, these words that you think are 'funny' could seriously  hurt and affect someone. You have no idea what that person could do to try and change themselves to try and get your acceptance. Bullying is no laughing matter, even if you say this as a joke some people will take it  to heart as they could already be really insecure so by saying this it would lower their confidence even more. Think before you speak, you have no idea the pain you could cause from one word.

If anyone has ever said anything like this to you, just ignore them, they are wrong. You are all beautiful in your own individual way no matter what size or shape you are. You don't need to have a stick thin figure to be beautiful, just be you its the best person you  can be and people will love you for it. Stand out from the crowd and be different! Society is going to judge you no matter what you look like, just embrace those flaws and appreciate life!

Nobody's perfect, please don't change yourself to reach society's idea of 'perfect' as it doesn't exist! Your always going to see girls and think oh my gosh there so much prettier than me, but how do you not know that someone else is looking at you in exactly the same way?!

My advice for you is just embrace those flaws and try and be comfortable with your body, i know its hard. Go to the mirror and look at yourself, tell yourself everything you do like about you and think about that every time you look in the mirror rather than all your insecurities.

Please don't take any drastic measures if someone is bullying you, talk to a friend/parent/teacher, there is someone out there who will help you! If you need any advice dm me on my twitter @DellaLoves1Dxx or message me on my facebook page Girly teens that's all <3

Thank you for reading beauties, remember to stay true to yourself! <3

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