Exams worries and chocolate!!

Evening my fellow readers!

Its Friday yay, so happy the weekend has come! Had a hard week coming to terms with the fact that my A level exams are next month, so stressed and scared if I must say! I'm really happy i have supportive friends around me though because without them i don't know how I'd get through all this, its been a tough year! Today i received a little present from my friend from her recent visit to Poland, happy times!
Ahh polish chocolate, its the nicest thing ever and it has such a cute packaging! :)

Now in the upcoming month I'm going to need to keep calm, if your like me and having a little panic about exams just take a moment and breathe. It'll all be okay in the end because, as they say if its not okay its not the end. Don't overwork your self into a state, create a timetable and plan when your doing revision, pace through it, don't rush or it'll all get jumbled in your head. Its also important to have a break, if your constantly thinking about this work and the panic, you'll stress yourself out more, so my advice is spend some time with friends/family away from it all and then continue working.

Most important thing is to just do your best, its all you can do! If you know you tried your hardest, nobody can knock you for that! Don't give up!

Make sure you remember to breathe, it is a stressful time and i just can't wait till its over! Roll on summer 2013! :)

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