Let the sun shine, let the sun shine baby!

Evening my fellow reader chums!

Today, the British weather decided to be sunny, yay! I actually wore shorts for the first time this year, I did get many strange looks though.. I guess not everyone thought it was as warm as I thought, oh well! I went to play tennis today which is weird as I'm usually more of a dance girl. It was actually so funny, I was crying with laughter! I'm terrible at tennis, I have the worst aim ever! I went with my twin Maria, and my besties Jess and Paulina. It was amazing spending time with them as I never get to anymore. I've realised how much I miss them, Jess and Paulina are two of my oldest friends so its sad I don't get to spend that much time with them... It makes me appreciate life more to know I have good friends that are always there for me, even if were not as close anymore I know they're there for me.

I can't believe its already the end of April! May is nearing, meaning exams are coming up ahh so nervous, a levels have been so much harder than i ever anticipated. However I'm determined to get through the next month and achieve the grades I want, as all you could do is try your best! After exams means summer is coming baby! Happy times, I'm really excited this year, my aunt Helen and my cousins are visiting from Greece and i haven't seen them since I was thirteen!

             My family and I in Greece 2005, the first time i visited them when they moved to Greece <3

I'm also excited about summer because it means creating amazing memories with all my friends, that will stay with us forever! Bring on the sun and beaches! <3

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