Turning 28 - a reflection on my twenties

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I can't believe I've just turned 28, I'm still 25 in my head and sometimes feel even younger than that. It's wild to me, I'm closer to my thirties than the start of my twenties, but every day I'm incredibly grateful for how wonderful my twenties have been. I'm blessed for all the travels I've experienced, concerts, theatre shows and endless moments with loved ones. I'm also grateful for the lessons I've learned and how much I've grown over the best part of a decade.

Whether you're new to this blog or have been following for a while, here's my insight on turning 28 and a reflection on my twenties.

Turning 28 - a reflection on my twenties

When I first turned 20, I had a plan in my head of my life at 28. Like any 20-year-old, the stereotypical life of being married with kids, owning a home and thriving in my career. It's strange seeing how naive and close-minded I was at the beginning of my twenties, and how things evolved for me.

I unexpectedly fell in love with the travel way of life and have spent the past 8 years travelling as much as possible, falling in love with the world and making memories with loved ones. I'm privileged for everything I've experienced in my twenties so far: the holidays, backpacking trips, concerts, day trips, theatre shows, new restaurants, and most importantly, spending quality time with loved ones and developing the connection further.

Although, I've had an incredible amount of highs and life experiences, my twenties so far have certainly been full of lessons, heartbreak, finding myself and dealing with the first decade of adulthood. This I can assure you hasn't been the easiest of rides, though it has helped me evolve, set boundaries, develop my self-love, self-care and work on being a better friend, partner and person by looking inward. Learning more about my emotions, triggers and traumas has helped me find coping mechanisms and work on my personal development more.

I found being more self-aware has helped me with gratitude, look on the more positive side of life, enjoy every day more but also work towards being my best self, and accept I'm not perfect. And, accept nothing can be perfect - and it's about finding beauty in imperfection.

Turning 28 - how do I feel?

I have to admit, 28 is a bit of an interesting age because, being a woman, societal expectations are hitting a little harder than ever before, and I also find myself thinking, I'm starting to prepare for that stage in my life: having kids, buying a house and engagement. The thought excites me more than it ever has, I love the idea of owning a home and creating a space that's mine and my partner's.

I've always dreamed of having a family and being a parent. Aside from being a published author, being a mum is the one thing I've always wanted and I cannot wait until that day comes.

Despite the excitement of these life big things I want in my future, the pressure is a lot more intense in myself and in my mind, I'm gearing up more for the upcoming years. I'm not entirely sure if it's a pressure I'm putting on myself or if it's more because I see everything happening around me, but as I know it's something I want, the pressure is higher if you get me.

Also, in the same breath, 28 doesn't feel too different from 27. It's strange being even closer to 30 than twenty but things haven't changed too much. I think I'll be set at the age of 25 and I love that - you're only as young as you feel. 

The older I get, the more comfortable I feel in who I am, and the more appreciative I am of the lessons I've learned, the experiences I have and who I'm growing into being - and who I have around me.

Here's to 28 - let's see what it brings!

I hope you enjoyed this post. What age are you?

Thank you for reading <3

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