The best destinations for new travellers

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Travelling is a part of my soul and as many of you know, I love nothing more than planning my next trip away. I've prioritised travelling for all of my twenties, trying to see as many new destinations as possible and sharing my experiences. Travelling for everyone is different, whether you're on a budget, love to tick off all the sights or prefer travelling slowly.

If you're new to travelling for the first time or unsure of where to go on holiday, here's my guide to the best destinations for new travellers. 

The best destinations for new travellers

Rome, Italy

Italy is my favourite country ever and I adore seeing new destinations throughout the country every time I visit. However, as a country with incredible highlights, it can be overwhelming on where to visit first. Any newbie to Italy needs to see the iconic capital of Rome for many reasons, the first is the history is incredible and you won't be bored with things to do. Another reason for new travellers is as Rome is so popular, it's easy to navigate around for new tourists with endless tour guides, English menus and countless travel advice. Planning a trip here will give you a taste of Italian beauty in an easy and stress-free way.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has a charm about it that anyone will fall in love with, boasting delicious tapas, friendly locals and plenty of attractions to keep you busy on your trip. With Barcelona, although it's very tourist-friendly, it still has the power to see beyond the tourist hotspots, providing easy access to a new city, and the pleasure of being more adventurous if you wish.

Crete, Greece

I adore Greece and many of the islands are incredibly tourist-friendly for newbie travellers with the local friendly energy to welcome new people. I'd choose Crete as the destination as throughout the island, there are many spots to choose from, whether you'd like a party vibe in Malia or a more chilled-out trip in Chania. There are gorgeous beaches, weather and lovely sights to explore along the way.

Thailand - any island

It's no secret how much I adore Thailand and thanks to the popularity of backpackers, the island scene makes for easy access to explore such an exotic location. Whichever popular island you choose, whether that's Koh Phi Phi for the party lifestyle, Koh Samui for a beach holiday of dreams or Koh Lanta to see more of the country air, you can easily get around with tour groups, asking locals and other tourists for help and advice.

Porto, Portugal

Portugal boasts beautiful weather and scenery and one city to start your exploration is Porto. Many would choose Lisbon as the capital and as much as I like it there, Porto is still tourist-friendly and has more of that Portuguese charm to immerse yourself in an accessible way. Porto has sights throughout the city, various food options, transport links and friendly locals many can speak English.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is known as a key weekend trip destination with canals for romantic strolls, cute pastry shops, plenty of bikes, markets and historical sights to witness. It's also known as a hen and stag do destination, so whatever you decide to go for, you can find it in this city. If you're coming from London, you can fly or get the train into the city, making it even more accessible than some of the other destinations listed. As such a popular place, you'll find navigating this city to be simple and plenty of guides to point you in the right direction.

Budapest, Hungary

I feel like everyone chooses Budapest as an easy location to visit to experience city air and the famous thermal spas. Renowned for stag and hen dos or spa weekend breaks, it's a city that welcomes many tourists for the party lifestyle and spa vibes, as well as soaking up the history throughout the city. Due to all of this, Budapest is easy for new travellers to get the grips of Hungary life and what's in store.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia is one of those countries that I'm keen to see more of as I adored every bit of Dubrovnik's characteristics and historical look. From the cobbled streets in the Old Town to the crystal clear waters on its beaches, there's more than meets the eye. With its famed UNESCO status, the city is always packed with tourists, especially in the high season, giving new travellers the ease of exploring the city with fresh eyes and knowledge from those around them.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Where's next on your list?

Thank you for reading <3

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