Dear anxiety: how life is different now

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Over the years, I've written an open letter to anxiety and an updated anxiety letter a few years ago. Four years later, it's an amazing time to write another letter and share where I am now, in my late twenties.

Whether you live with anxiety or looking to have someone to relate to, here is my open letter to anxiety.

Dear anxiety: how life is different now

Dear anxiety, 

Life has changed a lot, hasn't it? I'm now 27 years old and how life was with anxiety a decade ago almost seems worlds away. I can't believe how life has changed since then and even from my last update a few years back. I've grown, falling in love with myself and being more proud of my existence. I've taken the leap to step out of my comfort zone in many ways, grabbing opportunities and enjoying the power of everyday life.

Although things are more positive now, you do have your way of wiggling yourself in here and there, reminding me of my insecurities and coming out in social situations. I may have found coping mechanisms to deal with you, though, at times, I still experience panic attacks, weighed down by my clouded thoughts and can't help push that anxious feeling away. 

I've accepted that you are part of my life and part of who I am and that's okay. I spent years trying to get rid of you and though that has helped, I think acceptance is the most powerful skill of all. 

I've learned it's okay to have anxiety and feel anxious about all the little things in life. You have become my superpower, helping me understand people better, and be more empathetic and sensitive to other's needs. You've also helped me make better decisions in my life and think things through extensively. You have helped me make a better impression and care for everything a lot more deeply. You aren't a hindrance but a strength and I strive to keep using you that way.

How far have we come then? Acceptance may have been the biggest moving force but also becoming more myself and loving that. I spent my mid-twenties healing from trauma and my insecurities and the last few years, it has been about embracing that healing and living a more positive life. I've come leaps and bounds focusing on my own needs and goals, rather than putting all that energy into everyone else. Although that still takes a huge part of my heart, prioritising what I want out of my life is a big step in my growth and self-development. Learning how to cope with you is the biggest player in that. 

How is life different now?

  • I take the time to focus on my anxiety and caring for my mind when needed, rather than brushing that need away
  • I'm more comfortable in myself and understand it's okay to have anxiety and insecurities as that's part of what makes me human
  • I live a more positive life, always looking at the bright side and embracing that anxiety is part of that
  • I appreciate and am grateful for how anxiety has affected my life for the good and bad
  • Living with anxiety is my strength, not my weakness and I've used it to build the foundations of life now and constantly improve myself

I hope you enjoy this post. Do you deal with anxiety?

Thank you for reading <3

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