Chania, Crete 2015 ❤️

Well hello to you my reader chums and long time no see! If you read my last post you'd know I haven't been uploading for the past few weeks as I was away on holiday. I went to a beautiful place, Chania on the island of Crete with my twin Maria and best friends Danielle and Chloe. After months of planning, we couldn't wait to set off and enjoy ourselves! The holiday as a whole didn't disappoint in the slightest and couldn't have been more perfect. We took part in plenty of activities, tried many amazing dishes, soaked up the warm sunshine and shared endless jokes and laughter. As a friendship group, this break brought us even closer and I'm so happy I had the chance of going on my first girls holiday with my favourite people. Now the holiday is over I know it's something we'll always look back on.

Here's a look at my 10 days in Chania, Crete...

On our first day we ventured into the town where we went on a sight seeing tour, checked out the gorgeous harbour and ate at a scrumptious Greek restaurant at lunch time. Afterwards we headed to the hotel for a swim and had dinner - a perfect relaxing yet insightful start to the vacation!
Danielle and I, then below us all in the restaurant: 
The second day we had a look at the shops in Chania, relaxed on the beach and headed out to the harbour in the evening for a delicious meal! I chose one of my favourite Greek dishes patisito, which was absolutely amazing and we even received complimentary cocktails and desserts, what a lovely treat! I think the restaurant was called Gallipo and it was my top places we visited whilst away - such lovely service and food. 
Here's us in the restaurant: 
With the harbour all lit up under the nights sky, this is one of my top pictures:
On the next day we went to Limnoupolis water park! It was such a fun experience full of slides, swimming and laughs, I genuinely loved it! 
The following day we went on a boat trip where we got to see the most picturesque scenery and the girls had the chance to go snorkelling ( I chickened out). Beforehand we also had a little browse in a Greek market which was ever so lovely.

That evening we headed out for cocktails and absorbed some of the Greek nightlife: 
The next day was rather thrilling as we chose to go on a Segway tour! I was very nervous at first but once I got into the knack of it, I had so much fun: 

We then had another long swim in the pool:
Saturday was a very chilled day where we just hung back at our apartments and then glammed ourselves up for an evening meal: 
Another lovely day was going to Elafonissi which is known for its pink sands. Despite the initial cloudy weather on the journey to the beach, once we arrived it was ever so sunny and we got the chance to snorkel and swim with the fishes which I thoroughly adored. Their sea is definitely much clearer than ours in the UK!
Monday we spent down town and in the evening attended a traditional Greek BBQ! It was full of luscious food and Greek dancing which was such a laugh to join in with! 
The last full day we spent down the harbour like usual souvenir shopping and even went on a horse & carriage ride (yes I got very excited as I felt like a real life Disney princess haha!) Then appreciated our last swim in the pool and got all dressed up for our final meal! 
One of my favourite pictures with Danielle: 
This one always makes me smile: 
My favourite picture of my 3 best friends and I: 

The staff at our apartments (Frida apartments) and restaurant/ bar were honestly so lovely and friendly to us whilst on our stay. They made you feel at home and part of the family:

I hope you enjoyed this very photo filled post! I just want to say a big thank you to my best friends for truly making this a trip of a lifetime, continuously being there and always making me smile! Here's to many more exciting memories with my them! 

Thank you for reading <3 


  1. I've always wanted to go to Crete! looks like you had a really fun time, such gorgeous photos

    X Emma |

    1. Hopefully you can go one day! Aww thank you :) xx

  2. Very nice post:)))


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