Ultimate beach guide to Koh Samui

Well hello to you my reader chums! Koh Samui is one of Thailand's larger and more holiday vibe islands with plenty of gorgeous beaches. If you're considering going and unsure which area on the island to stay, or which beaches are best, you've come to the right place. Here is my take on a Koh Samui beach guide.

Beach guide to Koh Samui

Bophut Beach

Located near to the pier and the renowned Fisherman's Village is Bophut beach. This was the beach nearest to my hotel (the Infinity Bophut apartments) and was around a 15-minute walk away. I went to this beach quite a few times on my trip and it was lovely. Not too overcrowded, with the right amount of relaxation, soft sands, and calm waters. The only annoying thing was the number of resorts on the beach as it made it hard to find a private spot. The sea itself was pretty deep, not insanely deep but not shallow also; a nice medium.

Beach guide to Koh Samui

However, with Fisherman's village on the beach, there was easy access to an assortment of restaurants and bars, from affordable traditional Thai cuisines eateries to fine dining establishments and steakhouses. Bophut is a prime area for all things food, drink, shops and a lovely beach.

Maenam Beach 

Beach guide to Koh Samui

Maenam Beach is the next long stretch of beach from Bophut. The sands on Maenam beach are a lot quieter and there's more opportunity for privacy there. Despite a couple of resorts on the beach, it isn't packed in the slightest and you're able to roam the sands with much more freedom. The views on this beach are also really picturesque with the clear waters ahead of you. Maenam Beach can be entered through the Walking Street which on certain nights turns into a lovely market and has the cutest hub of restaurants along with it. To reach Maenam Beach, it was around a 30-minute walk from our hotel, which was located in the middle of the Maenam and Bophut area.

Choeng Mon Beach

Choeng Mon Beach had to be one of my favourite on the island. It's located to the northeast side of the island and is honestly incredible. Picture the perfect powder-white sands and water so clear it doesn't seem real. One of my favourite things about Choeng Mon Beach was the shallow waters; you could walk out for miles and it would probably only reach your waist. The shallow waters meant we could lie down and sunbathe in the sea! I would highly recommend making the trip to Choeng Mon Beach on your Koh Samui stay, whether that's just for a few hours, all day or staying by there. It's a peaceful beach which can get busy at times but the shallow waters make it perfect for families.

Lamai Beach  

Beach guide to Koh Samui

Lamai Beach was towards the south part of the island and around a 35-minute drive from our hotel. The Lamai Beach area is renowned for its famous Grandma and Granpa Rocks, Hin Ta and Hin Ya, which resemble the male and female genitalia, and are located right at the bottom of the beach. Lamai's beach area wasn't too overly crowded and had stunning scenery that went on for days. It was a lovely area to have a swim and sunbathe without being disturbed.

Chaweng Beach 

Beach guide to Koh Samui

The main tourist hub and busiest area of the island is Chaweng Beach. It's a prime spot for busy bars, ladyboy shows, nightclubs and takeaway places. If you love the busy party life, it's the place to stay and enjoy. In the daytime, the Chaweng Beach area wasn't too crazy at all but the beach itself is the busiest out of all the sands I went to. Despite the crowds, the sands were powdery white and the sea was lovely and clear - which surprised me considering the amount of tourism there. It wasn't my favourite beach because it was so busy, however, in terms of how it looked, it's stunning. The beach was also a great hub for all things watersports!

Samrong Beach 

Beach guide to Koh Samui

Probably the quietest and most peaceful beach I've ever set foot on was Samrong Beach. It's located at the very northern tip of the island and 100% worth the trek. It's a very small beach but the sands are super soft and the sea, one of the clearest I've seen. It made for a lovely peaceful few hours and I could have easily spent days on end there.

Other beaches I didn't visit on the island are Taling Ngam, Lipa Noi and a few of the smaller stretches of sands. Overall, I really enjoyed my time on all of Koh Samui's beaches. They really are beautiful, it is just a shame how some are overtaken with resorts and you lose that authenticity of the sands. My favourite few would be Choeng Mon, Maenam and Samrong Beach.

I hope you enjoyed this beach travel guide. Have you been to Koh Samui before?

Thank you for reading <3

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