4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

Well hello to you my reader chums! Koh Lanta, a paradise of powdered white beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning scenery, is an island everybody needs to visit. Till this day, I cannot get over the beauty of the island, its friendly vibe and slow pace of life - it really was heaven. If you've added Koh Lanta to your island hopping guide, still deciding if you're going to or want to find out more, here's my 4-day guide to Koh Lanta.

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What to see and do

Explore Long Beach - As you guessed it from the name, Long Beach is very, very long and one of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever see. Its waters are like a warm and relaxing bath which sands that goes on for days. As the beach is so long, you're easily able to find a quiet spot to yourself, relax and have a lovely long walk. There are several bars and restaurants along the beach but it's nowhere near over the top packed like other islands. Long Beach is the most popular area on the island and you're guaranteed to fall in love with it.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

Hire a motorbike - Exploring on a motorbike is the best way to see a new area in Thailand, especially on the islands. Koh Lanta isn't a huge island, however, it's not tiny either that having a motorbike for a day or two will be a real benefit. You'll be able to drive through the island's stunning scenery, visit the old town and head over to the more vacant beaches. I fell in love with the secluded areas of the island, with not a single soul on some sands; it felt as if the whole island was mine.

Spend the day on the vacant beaches - There's no better feeling than being alone with nature and in Koh Lanta, you'll be lucky enough to find hidden lengths of sands and quieter areas to set your towel for the day. If you're travelling with your partner, it's also another opportunity for a bit of privacy and quiet time. The vacant beaches include Klong Jak beach and Katong beach.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

Beach dining shows - You'll never get sick of the sights of Koh Lanta's beaches, they're just that incredible. But as day turns to dusk, the more popular beaches will offer fire shows and other forms of entertaining which makes beach dining that extra bit more special.

Watch the sunset - Sunsets are beautiful to watch. There's nothing more stunning than watching the sun go down, especially on a beach. You'll experience the breathtaking reflection on the waves and it'll stun your eyeballs. Plus, it'll make for a candid Instagram picture.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

 Book a tour - Like any island, Koh Lanta offers plenty of tours you can book whilst on your stay. There's everything from diving tours, day trips to quaint nearby islands, and the renowned 4 islands tour to Emerald Cave. I think that's the one thing I wish I got to do as the Emerald Cave looked absolutely stunning and it's raved about by many.

Visit the Old Town - The Old Town was once the main port of trade in Koh Lanta and today is a lovely and charming hub to explore. Although quite small, the old town is a cute strip of cafes, small boutiques and restaurants - and has a pier along the end. It can make for a peaceful few hours of exploring and is surrounded by forestry. The Old Town is also located near a lot of local villages that you could easily ride around and meet some locals.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

Lanta Animal Welfare - If you're an animal lover, then you need to visit the Lanta Animal Welfare Centre. Here, the stray cats and dogs of the island are taken in to be looked after and sterilised, to avoid the breeding of more animals which will be neglected. They're aiming to minimalize the neglect of the animals and get the animals in their centre adopted by people worldwide. It's a lovely and free activity to do whilst you're on the island - and you have the opportunity to pet some of the animals. You can give donations to look after the pets, or, adopt your own! It's hard to leave the centre and not want to adopt them all.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

Where to stay 

Koh Lanta has quite a wide variety of accommodation from budget hostels to resorts on the beach, so you there's a lot of choice for all money options. The busiest hub of Koh Lanta is the Long Beach stretch with hotels along the main road close by to it, and of course, on the sands. To be in the hustle and bustle and minutes from the beach, I'd highly recommend staying near here. It's close to everything, and if you want to explore further, you can easily hop on a motorbike. Or if you do want a little quieter accommodation, head more towards the south of the island as that's where the quieter beaches are and you can get a little bit more privacy.

I stayed at the Hugs Guesthouse. For me, I think the accommodation was in the prime spot, as I was a walk away from plenty of restaurants and around 15 minutes to the beach. The accommodation was also nice and the staff were ever so friendly in helping out with any questions.

Where to eat

Living Room Bakery - Opposite the hotel was our favourite breakfast and lunch spot, the Living Room Bakery. We first discovered this on arrival as we were starving and it was a minute from our accommodation. The food in here was every brunch lovers dream, offering pancakes, french toast, granola and more - and some delicious lunch options too. All the food was top quality and I couldn't fault it.

Mays Kitchen - If you're looking for some classic and cheap Thai food or a delicious BBQ meal, then this is the place to go. The family-run business serves up some yummy grub for an affordable cost.

Irish Embassy - Every country and island has an Irish pub and Koh Lanta is no different. This Irish pub became our regular on the trip, going for drinks or food. They served up the best English food on the island and if you're really craving a roast on your travels, it's the place to go. It's not the cheapest place, but it's worth it. They also hold a quiz every Wednesday which is so much fun and a great way to meet people.

Utopia - Another family-run restaurant and cheap place to dine is Utopia. It served up the best Massaman curry I had in Thailand and had a good variety of food on offer.

Things to know before you go 

  •  Koh Lanta is a medium-sized island when you compare it to Koh Tao and Phuket. That means, getting around can be pretty easier. You can walk around the main hub, however, to visit the quieter areas or go to the old town (if you're staying near Long Beach area), you'll need to hire a motorbike.
  • The island is very eco-friendly (which I adored) so be respectful, avoid littering and ensure you recycle.
  • The roads are pretty tame in Koh Lanta that it's a prime place to start driving a motorbike in Thailand.
  • Koh Lanta, despite its beauty, can be done on a budget and there are loads of free things to do.

I hope you enjoyed this Koh Lanta island guide. Are you visiting soon?

Thank you for reading <3

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