5 week itinerary to Thailand

Well hello to you my reader chums! Thailand, the land of smiles, crazy cities, stunning islands and gorgeous nature should be on everyone's bucket list. In February, I went for 5 weeks and loved every single part exploring a new culture and seeing everything the country is about. The country's calm vibe, beautiful temples and golden sands were as dreamy as I imagined.

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Thailand is very large and often enough it's hard to know where to begin planning and which areas you should visit on your trip. I did a lot of research prior to mine and after experiencing the itinerary, I think it's safe to say we got everything out of the trip we wanted to and saw a large chunk of the country.

If you're planning on going for a similar time, here is a full in-depth itinerary example of what you should see:

Bangkok - 2-3 days

5 week itinerary to Thailand

Bangkok isn't for everyone, some will adore the rush and craziness and others will shy away from its party scene. However, when you're in Thailand, you have to see it to make up your opinion. I wasn't the biggest fan of Bangkok as it was very manic, but, the city does have some beautiful sights which are worth exploring if you're not a party goer, that I would recommend 2-3 days to get the full city experience. You could easily just go for one day if you were really put off by the loud and busy atmosphere, but it is the perfect place to start to kick start you in the direction of Thailand's culture.

Chiang Mai - 5 days  (Fly or get a bus from Bangkok)

Chiang Mai Old town

Chiang Mai was such a diverse change from Bangkok and I fell in love with it from the off. It's one of those cities that you could browse around for days on end and never get bored. I adored Chiang Mai's vibe; it was calm and content, and all the local people seemed a lot happier than in Bangkok. The Old City was my favourite area and is the place you could generally enjoy a walk around as there is so much to see and sweet place to eat and relax. Chiang Mai is also a beautiful hub for elephant sanctuaries, cooking classes, day trips, temples and more, and you could honestly spend 5 days or more soaking up the beauty. I would definitely recommend dedicated quite a few days on your trip.

Pai - 2-3 days (3-hour bus journey from Chiang Mai)

5 week itinerary to Thailand

Pai is a small town 3 hours north of Chiang Mai and one of the quaintest places I've ever visited it. If you want a few days to taste the spirit of Thailand and eat in some of the loveliest places, you need to add it to the agenda. You can easily spend a few days in Pai, seeing the few sights it has and then by spending the rest of your time there exploring the quieter areas of the town. Its night market was one of my favourites with so much food variety, and despite the town's size, it has so much to give.

Phuket - 3 days  (Get a bus back to Chiang Mai and fly)

5 week itinerary to Thailand

You can't have a trip to Thailand without the bustling island of Phuket. Phuket is probably the most touristy island I visited, however, its old town, market and slightly less known beaches made the few days very memorable. I'd recommend a couple of days in Phuket to soak up the busy beaches and see the touristy sights and spend more of your time on the quieter and less touched islands of Thailand. If partying or resorts are your thing however, a longer stay in Phuket would be right up your street.

Phi Phi - 2-3 days (Boat journey)

5 week itinerary to Thailand

Phi Phi was on the same level of Phuket, but the beaches and waters were a lot nicer. Undoubtedly, Phi Phi is known for the party vibe and hosting the best beach parties, however, it's also a hub for great day trips and swimming. Like with Phuket, I think you only need a few days in Phi Phi to experience the party lifestyle, get a boat tour over to Maya Bay and of course get that suntan.

Krabi 2-4 days (Boat journey)

Personally, on our trip, I think I booked too many days in Krabi and could have done with a day less there and spent somewhere else. Krabi's town alone is pretty quiet and non-touristy with only a handful of bars and good restaurants. However, the main hub of Krabi is its day trips which we adored. Railay beach was beautiful, and there are several other beaches and day tours you can do from the town. Krabi Town is the perfect central point for quite a few excursions and pretty cheap to stay too.

Koh Lanta- 4-5 days (Boat journey)

Koh Lanta is probably one of the most dreamy places I've ever seen in my entire life. Its secluded beaches, crystal clear waters (I'm not kidding), and quiet atmosphere is what every beach destination should be about. Despite its rise in popularity in recent years, Koh Lanta felt like it was mine. Even the most popular beaches and 'tourist' areas weren't overly busy and I loved that. My favourite reason I loved Koh Lanta was how vacant some areas were, and how you could literally go on the really southern beaches with nobody on. It's hard to put into words how beautiful the island is and how the waters there were literally like a bath. The island was also really eco-friendly which I loved, promoting regular beach cleans and having steel straws everywhere. Koh Lanta is one not to be missed and I could have easily stayed there longer than the 4 days we had.

Koh Samui - 4-7 days (Boat journey to Krabi and then fly)

Koh Samui is probably on the level of Phuket with a resort holiday vibe, however, it can make the perfect break on your trip to have a chill holiday few days- and that's what I did. Koh Samui is a pretty large island, larger than I expected and has a few different areas which you can stay in but it depends on what you want for that trip. Chaweng, for instance, is the most touristy and party vibe but other areas such as Choeng Mon and Taling Ngam are a lot quieter. Over the week I was there, I was able to have a taste of most beaches and areas, and really got a grasp of Koh Samui. Resorts may have taken over some of its beaches, but it's the perfect place to relax, indulge in good food and cocktails on the beach.

Koh Phangan - 2-3 days (Boat journey)

5 week itinerary to Thailand

Another party paradise, Koh Phangan is famous for its full moon parties and wild nights out. Yet, there is a quieter and chill side to Koh Phangan than meets the eye, and it's a really pretty place. My time in Koh Phangan was a pretty chill one, as I was there at the wrong dates and missed the full moon party. I enjoyed seeing its calmer side and exploring the island.

Koh Tao- 3-4 days (Boat journey)

5 week itinerary to Thailand

I fell in love with Koh Tao like Koh Lanta. Although a small island, it has a lot to give and offers that more secluded appeal. If you hire a motorbike, you could pretty much drive the course of the island in an hour, and I love that. The communal feel, the quieter beaches and clearest waters I've ever seen were something out of a postcard. We were only there 3 days, but I could have happily soaked up the calm atmosphere for a few more, visiting the beaches and quaint coffee shops they had. Despite the size, Koh Tao left a huge mark on my heart, and I would recommend a visit for all. It's an eco-friendly paradise with the friendliest of people and perfect for waters for snorkelling and swimming. Any water babies would adore this island!

Thailand was one of the most stunning countries I've ever visited and I would highly advise seeing it once in your lifetime. The people are so giving, the beaches will make your heart skip a beat and the fresh food is on another level of tasty. By visiting all these places, I was able to get a full look at all areas of Thailand from the north to the south. 

I hope you enjoyed my suggested 5-week itinerary for Thailand! Would you add any other places to this list?

Thank you for reading <3

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