Everything to know before visiting Malaysia

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I fell in love with Malaysia; it was a country that honestly blew me away with its diverse range of activities, sights and culture. I loved the food, the experiences, the weather and every moment of soaking up the wonders of this culture.

If you're planning a visit to Malaysia, whether it is a short or long stay, here is everything to know before visiting Malaysia. 

Everything to know before visiting Malaysia

Dress modestly 

Despite Malaysia bordering Thailand, the culture is completely different and diverse, which shocked me a little when I first arrived, especially in the major cities. With that in mind, dress modestly wherever you're roaming as you want to be considerate of the locals. Think about light clothing which covers your shoulders and knees and avoid wearing revealing items. 

Be prepared for completely different weather forecasts 

Before I travelled to Malaysia, I didn't realise how much the weather can vary depending on where I was. Generally, it's hot and humid even in the wet season. However, when you're travelling up in the mountains, the temperature completely drops and if you're planning to visit these types of locations, prepare for it. Pack layers and always, pack waterproofs even if you're visiting in the dry season. I travelled there in the dry season and saw a lot of rain.

Utilising the bus system when travelling to destinations

I travelled across Malaysia for two weeks and saw quite a few of the popular destinations including Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands and Penang. To get around, the buses are an absolute dream. They're incredibly cheap, efficient and clean and get between the top destinations in a few hours. The buses are always clear on where the pick-up is and it's easy to understand the process.

The diverse religious scene

Religion varies across south-east Asia and this is especially prominent in Malaysia. Expect many different religions, even in the same city. The main religions across the country are Muslim and Hinduism, hence my previous point about dressing modestly.

English is quite common

I was pretty surprised about how good the level of English was across the country and most locals could talk and understand it with ease, which makes life a lot easier when roaming around. I always say it's important to learn new phrases in a new country but it's comforting knowing English is quite common. 

It's quite built up

I thought Malaysia would be very similar to Thailand, in terms of looking more rustic and old school, however, it was very modern and built up across the country. This was especially prominent in the capital as it reminded me more of Singapore than its neighbouring country and the various chain stores. 

Public transport doesn't run on time

Like anything in Southeast Asia, don't expect public transport to run on time, it will most likely always run late. This includes buses, trains and more, which means even if you think you're running late, you're most likely not. Enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of delayed public transport and always plan extra time to arrive somewhere.

Grab is your best friend for taxis

Grab is my favourite app for taxis across Southeast Asia and works wonders in Malaysia. When you arrive at a new destination within the country, double-check check it runs there as specific destinations don't offer it. I found they're best in the major cities and tourist destinations to get you around from A to B - and incredibly cheap. Most taxi journeys cost around £1-2.

Enjoy the food scene

The best thing about a new country is the food as there's something exciting about trying new dishes and flavours. Malaysia is renowned for its diverse range of dishes including curries and noodle dishes with plenty of spice and fragrance. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other tips would you add?

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  1. As a fellow Malaysian, it's super heartwarming to read this and a lot of it is totally true btw, especially about public transportation running late haha! Sounds like you had an awesome time in Malaysia. I'd love to be your unpaid tour guide next time or we could just chill together haha! <3

    Lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

    1. Della Driscoll2 May 2024 at 04:01

      Thank you so much, I'd love that!

  2. Thanks for sharing, these are great tips for visiting Malaysia, would bear this in mind if I do visit one day :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures


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