Book review: The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a big fan of thrillers and fast-moving novels that I don't want to put down - and this book captured the description perfectly. It has been on my to-be-read pile for ages and I wish I picked it up sooner as I read it within a few days ( and could have happily read it in one sitting if I had the time). It's a book which is incredibly intriguing, packed with twists and every type of emotion.

If you're looking for a brilliant thriller to pick up right now, here is my full review of Book review: The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave.

Book review: The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave


The plot follows the family of Owen, his wife Hannah and Owen's daughter, Bailey. Owen disappears one day, but manages to smuggle a note to his wife reading 'protect her'. Hannah knows clearly he is talking about his daughter Bailey, whose mother passed away when she was a child. Bailey wants nothing to do with her stepmother. After a series of unanswered calls to Owen and Owen's boss being arrested for fraud, the police begin to question Hannah, and she realises her husband isn't who he says he is. And Bailey might be the key which can help discover why Owen disappeared. Hannah and Bailey set off together, trying to discover the truth about Owen, but as they reveal some of the pieces of Owen's past life, they realise life will never be the same again.

Characters and relationships

The protagonist Hannah I loved in many ways because she was authentically her and lived a life exactly how she wanted to, thinking of everyone around her. She was a massive success in her business before she met Owen and I love the strength and determination she has as a person. Her connection with her late grandfather also melted my heart because he really showed her what love was, in the absence of her parents. 

Bailey is a typical fiery teenager with no interest initially in getting along with her stepmother Hannah. This made sense really as before Hannah, she only remembered life with her and her dad, it's all she knew. However, after Owen went missing and the two are thrown together in search of him, it was interesting seeing their relationship develop, and see Bailey begin to trust Hannah. Hannah understands Bailey and loves her dearly, doing anything for her, and as the plot thickens, Bailey works towards that mutual feeling.

Hannah and Owen's relationship seems like a fairytale when she talks about it. Their love for each other is natural and how you expect a love story to be. When the plot goes back in time to moments before Owen goes missing, you can really tell that they are meant for each other and it's a shame Owen didn't trust Hannah enough to reveal his past.

Owen is a character that I sympathise with because everything I learn about him makes me understand what he did in a way, but also question his choices too. One thing about Owen which is admirable is his love for his daughter and the lengths he goes to protect her.

Overall thoughts

Overall, this book was a thriller with heart and raw emotion to it that at times it felt real. I felt as if the characters' relationships were real as the author has a powerful way with words, describing the depths of their emotions and what they went through. I enjoyed how at first the book leaves you in suspense with sprinkles of clues and then all at once the answers come out; it's the perfect level of pace in a novel. I was hooked from page one and could read the author's writing again and again. I also loved how the title of each chapter gave away a small clue as to what was going to happen in that chapter.

The book was superbly crafted in a clever way with twists and turns I didn't expect and really showed the lengths we go to and the risks we take to love and protect those around us.


I wasn't sure how this book was going to end, especially when all the answers were revealed. I won't give anything away, however, I will say it ended on an uplifting and positive note with hope for the main characters in the book and their lives.

I hope you enjoyed this review. What are you currently reading?

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