How to spend 3 days in Koh Lipe, Thailand

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Koh Lipe is like a small taste of paradise with clear waters, bright blue skies, hot weather and golden soft sands. I miss the joy of the island already with its holiday vibe and the chance to fully unwind in the sunshine.

As it's a small island, you don't need a long time to explore the wonders of Koh Lipe. However, you can easily spend as much time there fully embracing island life and its wonders. For the ultimate experience, here is my 3-day guide to Koh Lipe in Thailand.

3 day guide to Koh Lipe, Thailand

Day 1: Get a feel for the island

Explore Walking Street

Koh Lipe isn't a massive island and has one main centre, which is Walking Street. This street is packed with restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, cafes and shops - and the perfect hub to explore, and well, eat. Whether you're looking for a spot for breakfast, to grab a souvenir or to find a bar to dance the night away, this is the street for you.

Relax on Pattaya Beach 

Pattaya Beach is the main beach in Koh Lipe as it's where you get off the boat from any other island. This beach isn't my favourite as it's one of the busiest, however, it does have gorgeous views, soft sands and a cool, holiday vibe to it.

Enjoy dinner and the bar life

After getting a sense of the island's main hub and soaking up the sunshine on the main beach, it's time to eat your weight in food. Restaurants vary on this island from classic Thai places, and seafood to gorgeous Italian grub, you can find a place to take your fancy and go for a drink afterwards. I loved the bar scene here as you can pick somewhere with great music of a chill vibe, with board games.

Day 2: Explore the wonders of Koh Lipe

Watch the sunrise on Sunrise Beach

Watching the sunrise on the beach is everything and Thailand is renowned for the best sunrises and sunsets. The island has beaches titled 'Sunrise Beach' and 'Sunset Beach' because they're both perfect for views of these events. Sunrise Beach is one of my favourites and the view of the sunrise was everything - the best way to kick start your second day on the stunning island.

Have brunch at Benny's on the Beach

I love a solid brunch to start off island mode. Benny's on the Beach is located on Sunrise Beach and is a dream spot to eat. The restaurant has that complete island feel in a hut with beach seating. I loved this place as it meant eating breakfast in the morning sunshine - and plus their brunch options are amazing, including delicious smoothie bowls.

Hire a kayak and explore nearby islands

The sea off of Kop Lipe is crystal clear and looks like a postcard - ideal for exploring beyond the island's edge. I'd recommend hiring a kayak and paddling off to the tiny islands nearby as here, you can also snorkel to find the wildlife. The islands including Koh Usen and Kla Island are very close to the main stretch of Koh Lipe and very easy to reach - and make great spots for snorkelling.

Watch the sunset at Sunset Beach

After a beautiful day of kayaking, snorkelling and sun-soaking, watching a sunset is a lovely activity. Sunset Beach does get very busy, however, it's a wonderful location to witness the sun go down and the sky lighting up with lots of colours.

Day 3: Soak up the last sights in Koh Lipe

Go snorkelling on Northpoint Beach

As I mentioned the waters in Koh Lipe are a dream and my favourite beach for snorkelling was the Northpoint Beach. Here, I discovered many colourful fishes and other sea life swimming around the corals. Its pretty underwater scenery is everything and will leave you wanting more. I'm missing the freedom of snorkelling at this beach.

Find your favourite spot and relax

Koh Lipe is key for relaxation and when you've ticked off all the activities, the best thing to do is relax on the beaches. It's the perfect opportunity to sunbathe, grab an ice cream and read a book. I would love to be in the sunshine and enjoy island life again.

Favourite places to eat in Koh Lipe

Papaya Mom restaurant

For a traditional Thai food restaurant, this is a solid choice, offering up all the classic meals, from Thai curries, pad Thai and more. It's an old-school, beach restaurant setting with plenty of options to suit your palette.

Benny's on the Beach

As I previously mentioned, Benny's on the Beach is a lovely, beach brunch place offering all types of breakfasts and brunch to kick start your day. I love the smoothie bowls here and the view of Sunrise Beach, plus the swing is a great addition.

Banana Tree

This isn't one of those fancy places but a simple restaurant, offering up all the Thai food must-haves for inexpensive prices. Whether you're craving a curry, noodle dish or rice meal, this restaurant has got variety to choose from.


I'm not over the breakfast here, it was that yummy! As a modernised restaurant setting, it looks like a typical, Instagram brunch spot. And, the breakfast was chef's kiss and super mooreish. They have a specific breakfast menu from pancakes and yoghurt dishes to cakes - you'll find something you'll adore.


This is a favourite restaurant for many tourists and has a menu crafted for that with a combination of Western dishes and cakes. I enjoyed a dose of carb heaven here with a delicious grilled cheese and chips. The Western options are endless and you can really enjoy anything that you fancy.

Bungroon restaurant

Back to a traditional Thai place, Bungoon is a busy place packed with crowds and a range of Thai dishes you'll love to try. I like the classic and homely appeal of this place with simplistic dishes and various options - and some live music. They had various locals singing which is a wonderful sight to see and a great vibe to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this Thailand post. What other recommendations do you have?

Thank you for reading <3

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