10 self-love reminders you need to hear

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Self-love is something I talk about a lot on my blog as I genuinely believe, it's at the core of everything we do. We all want to feel loved, it's human nature and that's why many of us try and seek it in other ways, however, the key is finding it within yourself first.

Whether you're struggling with self-love, looking for some advice, or simply having a bad day, here are 10 self-love reminders you need to hear.

10 self-love reminders you need to hear

Your self-love journey isn't linear

Healing isn't linear in every way and this is the same with self-love. Going through a self-love journey is hard as it goes against a lot of what society teaches us about self-love, as we live in a world that encourages you to think badly of yourself (hello diet culture) and how self-love is selfish. This is why when you're working through a journey of self-love, one of the reasons you can find yourself falling backwards is because of the societal influence you've had your whole life. But, those dips and backward steps aren't a bad thing, they're normal. It's normal to have ups and downs with any journey including self-love. Just know, that whatever progress you make is still progress.

You deserve to feel loved

Love is life's greatest gift and something we all deserve to feel every single day. You deserve love, so much of it, even if you don't feel like it. You deserve to give yourself so much love, the same you give everybody else. You are worthy of this level of love because you are uniquely you, and there's nobody else like you. And simply because you're human, and we all deserve to feel loved.

Loving yourself isn't selfish 

Self-love isn't selfish (say this 10 times over). There is nothing selfish about being in love with all that is you. The only person that will be with you throughout your whole life is yourself so you should love that person, more than you love anyone else really. You deserve to love yourself when you're feeling the greatest and when you're feeling not so great. Loving yourself is the number one priority.

You are strong and resilient

You are so strong. Look at how far you've already come, that in itself is amazing. Falling in love with yourself is hard and at times, can make you feel even weaker because all your insecurities will crop up, that's only natural. But in these moments, it's important to remind yourself about how strong and resilient you are to even have gotten to this point.

Your body is beautiful

I'm a big advocate for body confidence and body acceptance because I believe we all deserve to adore every inch of our body and know what we look like is the least interesting thing about us. If you're having doubts about your body, know it's beautiful. Know that, every day it cares for you, it keeps you alive, it protects you and ultimately, it's a part of you which in itself is incredibly important. 

You are trying your best 

One thing we can all do in life is to try our best, nothing more. Nobody is perfect and nobody is getting it all right. All of us are simply trying to get through this thing called life and guess whether we're making the right decisions or not. Your self-love journey is the same, you are trying your best and it's all that matters.

You are worthy of good things

Let me repeat that again 'you are worthy of good things.' If you're not feeling great, down, or like you deserve nothing, let me tell you, you are wrong. You deserve good things to happen to you. You deserve to have good people around you. You deserve to make incredible memories. You deserve to feel loved and live your best life.

You are worthy of love around you

This brings me to this point. One thing many of us have in common is we feel as if we don't deserve love from people around us or we settle for less - and this isn't right. Never settle for anything more than love. The type of love that makes you feel giddy and happy every time you think of it. This goes with relationships, friendships, and family members. You are worthy of content love and to feel cherished every single day.

You are enough

This point goes without saying but plain and simple, you are enough. You're wonderful and stunning you and the world is a better place with you in it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other reminders would you say?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. So much love for this blog post! Thank you so much for sharing them, Della. I needed to hear these xx

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