9 years of Della Loves Nutella

 Well hello to you my reader chums! 9 years ago, 16-year-old me, decided to join the blogging world and launched Della Loves Nutella. I had no idea I would be typing away at this blog for so long or the pure joy it would have brought me for nearly a decade.

Whether you're a new reader or part of the original blogging community back in 2013, welcome to my little space on the internet. Today, I wanted to share some of my favourite things I've loved about blogging over the past 9 years.

9 years of Della Loves Nutella

Documenting my adventures

My blog has been an incredible place on the internet for many reasons, including the opportunity of sharing my adventures and travels. Travelling is my biggest passion as many of you know; I love nothing more than heading on my next big trip and the process of planning it all and sharing my experiences via my blog. It's a great space for me to look back on, see the places I've gone, and read about my initial thoughts of them. It's always a lovely reminder to see the progress I've made in terms of my anxiety and the incredible pictures and words always make me smile.

Creative freedom

I'm a hugely creative person; I love brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. Having this blog has allowed me to express that creative freedom, sharing the thoughts and ideas of the topics I'm most interested in, with much wisdom and knowledge I've learnt along the way. It has helped me be creative in terms of my words, photos, and how I'm able to collaborate with other bloggers and brands.

Watching myself grow online

These past 9 years, I've grown massively in terms of who I am, what I've learnt, what I believe in, and my personal growth overall. I'm now nearly 26 and began this blog when I was a teenager so you can imagine, I have changed quite a lot and I'm very proud of the woman I am today and I'm sure my teenage self is too. I love to look back and see where I've come from and where I am now, in terms of photos, how I write and what I've learnt.

The blogging community

The blogging community is the friendliest space on the internet. I have met so many lovely bloggers over the year online and in person, and it's all because of my blog which is a heartwarming feeling to me. The blogging community has always been so supportive of my blog and my general endeavours when I've shared them on social media platforms and I love that. They've always got my back and I've loved seeing other bloggers flourish in many ways too. It's an epic space online which I'm grateful to be a part of.

Collaborating with brands 

Working with brands is something I feel very lucky to have done over the course of running this blog. I never set out to do this when I launched my blog, it was just a hobby to me and really, still is. There are times where I've had a few collaborations come in and other times none at all, and I'm happy with both. I love how I can have this space as a means to share my thoughts but also work with brands that share the same values as me.

Sharing the values which mean the most to me

I'm a passionate person; there are many things that mean a lot to me, especially the issues I want to talk about. I'm a huge mental health advocate, a big lover of the planet, and promoting the importance of self-love. These are a few of my biggest things and I love how this space has allowed me to talk about these things online, and help others in the process with my tips and advice.

Developing my writing

To be a better writer, you need to write. Writing every day and writing often has helped me become better at writing. I'm constantly improving my writing and having this space has helped in my marketing job, freelance roles, and when writing my books. Developing my writing is so important to me and I feel thankful my blog has helped that.

The commitment

This blog is an achievement to me and I love how I've been able to commit to it for 9 years. Every week, I've been able to put a blog live and share my words with the world and it's a wonderful feeling. Here and there I've had a few breaks such as when I went backpacking or life got busy, but ultimately, I've kept at it and I'm so glad I did.

Having my own little corner on the internet

Della Loves Nutella is my space, my writing hub to share everything I want with the online world. I'm in control of the thoughts, the words, and ideas - and it's the best feeling knowing I run this entire ship. I love my own little corner on the internet and I hope it continues for years to come.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What's your favourite thing about blogging?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Awww! Happy 9 years Della! The points are spot on because I can absolutely relate, especially when it comes to having a little personal corner on the internet, engaging with like-minded people and documenting the journey xx

    lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

  2. Nine years of blogging is seriously impressive! I'm about to hit the five-year mark and I can definitely relate to your points about growing online and developing your writing. I started my website just before turning 20, and am almost 25, and it's crazy to think how much has changed since!


    1. Ah thank you so much lovely! Congrats on nearly 5 years xx

  3. Happy 9 years of blogging, its great that you have learned a lot from blogging :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures


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