Everything you need to know before visiting Budapest

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Budapest is a city that I've wanted to explore for a while now as I had heard so many good things and everybody raves about it, so I wanted to check it out for myself. I'm a big Europe fan and I love the opportunity to experience new cities and see how they're similar or different from the next.

Everything you need to know before visiting Budapest

Budapest was a gorgeous city with some dream-worthy architecture, lots of great sights, and a great place to mooch and travel solo. If you're planning a visit to the city, here's everything you need to know before visiting Budapest.

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Buda and Pest are different parts of the city

Budapest is separated into two parts by the river, Buda, and Pest. Both sides of the city are very easy to reach from one to the other, via public transport or by walking over the few bridges that separate the parts. Buda and Pest both have gorgeous spots to experience and wander around so you can really stay on either side when it comes to your trip, as it's all very accessible. Pest is probably the busier side of the two with more bars, restaurants, and tourists so I would recommend staying there for more of a buzz.

Accommodation is very affordable

When booking Budapest, I was actually shocked at the cheapness of the accommodation in Budapest. I booked a very plush apartment in the heart of the city and it was only £120 for 3 nights. Hostels, however, can be found as cheap as under £10 a night, it's incredible the bargains you can find.

Buda Castle is an area, not a castle

I kid you not, I was a bit confused when I arrived at Buda Castle to realise it's not a castle but an entire region on the Buda side of the city which encompasses many beautiful buildings, museums, and viewpoints. Be wary of when you head up there as it's quite a large part of the land, and I would advise ensuring you're wearing comfortable clothing and have snacks and water at the ready. The views from the Buda Castle region are stunning and there is so much history and sights to take in.

It's relatively cheap

Eastern Europe, in general, is a very cheap place to travel and Budapest was no different. I was quite surprised when I did the conversion back to pounds, how little I spent on food, museums, and attractions. The best way to figure it out is to remember 1000 Hungarian Forint is just over £2. It will also be commonly asked if you want to pay cash or card wherever you go, so it's best to have a combination of both with you I found.

Public transport is very easy to use

When travelling, I think it's always really important to make the most of the public transport options because they're always a lot cheaper than taxis and a fun way to experience the city. In Budapest, I used all forms of public transport including the bus, tram, and metro, and I loved getting my head around all three things. Google Maps was my best friend with this because I would type where to go and find out the right buses/trams/metro to hop on. All of them are numbered so it can be pretty easy to follow. The metros also work very similarly to London's underground.

Remember to validate your public transport ticket

After you've purchased your ticket to either get on the bus, metro, or tram, it's essential to validate them. If you've got a physical ticket, use one of the yellow machines as you enter the station or the bus. Or, if you've purchased it online using the Budapest Go app, simply scan it before you get on the bus.

Save money with the airport shuttle bus

I know it can be tempting to hop in a taxi after you've gotten off your flight, however, the airport shuttle is dreamy and one of the easiest modes of transport out there. Simply, buy your airport shuttle tickets at the airport near the bus station bit (which are 900 HUF), and hop on the 100E bus which goes directly into the centre of the city. There are quite a few different stops it goes through, and I would advise seeing on the route which stop is the closest to your accommodation.

English is commonly used

English is commonly used in Hungary and most people in the city of Budapest will speak it and at least have some understanding of basic common phrases. I always say though, it's helpful to learn common phrases of any new country you're visiting.

The currency is Hungarian Forint

When you're exchanging money, buy Hungarian Forint as that's the main currency used in Budapest. 

Zebra crossings work the same as the UK

To my surprise, there were plenty of Zebra crossings across Budapest and they work in exactly the same way as in the UK. Pedestrians have the right of way at Zebra crossings. However, something to note is that jaywalking is illegal - and that means, always making use of the crossing available.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other tips do you have?

Thank you for reading <3

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