Top 10 tips for first-time travellers

 Well hello to you my reader chums! The world is wide and there is so much to explore, that's what makes travelling exciting for everyone. Travelling can open your heart and mind, whether it's a long-term venture or a short trip, you deserve the opportunity.

Everyone is a travelling newbie at some point and if you're a first-time traveller who is looking for advice or reassurance, here are my top 10 tips for first-time travellers.

Top 10 tips for first-time travellers

Map out your expectations

Travelling is an exciting prospect but it's different for everyone. Some people like to travel to have a break away from normality for a week, some people love to travel to experience a new culture in short stints, whilst others like to travel in long-term, embracing the slow travel way of life. We all have our preferences and this may change as you begin to travel, but it's good to set expectations for your trip. For instance, you're going on holiday for some relaxation or you're heading abroad for a couple of days to experience a new city and see the sights. 

Finding the best deals 

One of the biggest misconceptions about travelling is that it's expensive. Travelling can be done in whatever type of budget you have, whether you're a budget traveller or a luxury holiday kind of person. Either way, a deal is always needed to help you save cash. There are many ways to find deals when planning your travels. Seasonal sales, signing up to travel website's newsletters to be alerted of the deals, booking way in advance or booking last minute, being flexible with your dates, and much more. Find out more about money-saving advice here.

Do your research

Research is the key when it comes to travelling. I always say it's best to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Every destination is different in the world, and that means different laws, a different culture, different language, cuisine, and rituals - and it's important to be aware of that. Before you book or start planning your trip, immerse yourself into the safe side of your destination and what you need to be aware of and look out for. Know the laws so you can be respectful of local's religion and way of life too. 

I'd also recommend researching the area you're staying in, how to get about, emergency numbers, and the top things you want to do so you don't miss out. A quick Google can go a long way when you're planning your travels.

Ensure you have all the documentation in place

Visas, passport, insurance, Covid passes, these are all things to be aware of. When you're researching your destination, find out which documentation you need before you go and for when you arrive at the destination - and organise it so you can travel with ease. For instance, in some countries, after you've stayed over 30 days, you may need a visa to extend your stay further. Or, for countries in the UK like Scotland or Northern Ireland, you won't need a passport to fly there. 

Prepare for the airport in good time

The airport is one of my favourite places to be, I love the bustle of it all and the stories it's filled with; it fills my heart with excitement. But, for newbies to the airport, it can seem a bit daunting and uncertain at first, with the hundreds of people and many signs of where to go. My best advice is to give yourself time, you need to arrive two hours before your flight anyway to check in your luggage, go through security and get something to eat. But if you're new, maybe give yourself another hour so you have the time to find your bearings.

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is the most important thing you need before you depart for your trip. You never know what may happen when you're away, you could fall ill, need to cancel your trip, or cut your trip short. That's where travel insurance comes in, it puts the protection in place to offer you emergency medical care so you're not caught out with a huge hospital bill and it can also help you out with many other instances.

Packing light is key

The key to packing is to pack light. One of the biggest travelling mistakes is to bring too many things with you, overfilling your suitcase or backpack and paying more at the airport. The best hack is to write a list of things you think you need and then half it. Only bring what's essential because when it comes to toiletries, you can always buy them there, and there's no point overpacking clothes if you know you won't wear them. And, don't forget to use packing cubes to help you organise your luggage. Check out my packing tips for more advice.

Back up plans are important

You can never be overprepared when it comes to safety. Ensure you keep someone notified of where you're going, prepare for the worst by getting travel insurance, download relevant apps, be aware of scams and also have a backup plan in place. What I mean by this is always bring spare cash or enough money in case the unfortunate happens. They always say you should have double the amount of cash available of where you're going - e.g if you're bringing £300 spending money, ensure you have the same amount available in your account so you can replace it if it gets lost.

Learn a few phrases of the destination's language

It's always handy to speak the language of where you're going. It's not only handy to help you speak and communicate with the locals, but it helps if you get stuck in a situation where nobody can speak English. If you familarise yourself with their language, you'll find communicating a lot easier, even if it's just a few common phrases.

Enjoy the new experience 

Travelling is the most incredible thing any of us can do. It opens our eyes to a new place, new experiences, new culture, new people, and new food. We should all have the opportunity to travel and when we do, value and appreciate it. Enjoy every single moment as one day they're the stories you'll be telling.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other tips do you have for newbie travellers?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Preparing ahead of time is great and research is so important. Great tips. I remember when I going on my first plane ride and I researched so much ahead of time and it helped my vacation go so smoothly.

  2. These are great tips! Making sure you have all your documents in one (safe) place is essential to a stress free trip - I cannot even tell you the amount of panic-induced meltdowns I've had over not being able to find my passport LOL x

    mia //


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