Why being single is good for your confidence

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Being single is important, a fact which I think many of us need to know or come to terms with. I've written a post on what I learnt about being single and why you should celebrate being single, but today, I want to talk about why living your single life is great for your confidence.

If you're newly single or have been single for a while, here are a few reasons why being single is good for your confidence.

Why being single is good for your confidence

You learn to be alone

Being alone is one of the most underrated things we all should learn to do but also value. Over the past two years, it's a skill I've really worked on but also learnt to love a lot. I love being on my own and spending that quality time with myself, whether that's going on a walk, taking part in my hobbies, or simply watching TV, it has helped me really value my independence. Being single gives you the privilege more to explore this because you're not dependant on someone else filling your time and your space. You have the opportunity for alone time and being with just yourself a lot more. By learning to be alone, you can grow many skills but ultimately your confidence. This is because you will find things about yourself that you love, you'll discover the things that bring you joy and ultimately, you'll discover that you don't need to hang out with someone to have fun - and those things aid confidence.

You don't rely on others for validation

Validation is something we all seek, especially with the cycle of comparing ourselves to others and wanting to feel good enough. When you're single, you don't have a partner to tell you you're beautiful, you're good enough, you're intelligent, funny and all the other compliments, you have to do that for yourself. You have to be your own hype girl and compliment yourself. This constant reel of compliments and affirmations will help you feel more self-confident in who you are and in what you're aiming to do. You don't have anyone to rely on for that kind of validation, but also the validation in terms of your emotions to help you understand how you're feeling. This is why being single will pave the way in helping you be more emotionally intelligent and self-aware which again, are the stepping stones to confidence.

It helps you find your passions

The single life is a chance to focus on you and only you. In a sense, it's freedom because there isn't any need to share your time and space with anyone else. Whatever free time you have is yours, and that means, you'll have a lot more time on your hands to pursue your passions and the things that bring you joy. Finding your passions helps with your journey of self-discovery and being your authentic self, which is a confidence booster in many ways. Being aligned with who you are can help you understand yourself and what you enjoy, and really grows your confidence. Your passions are just the beginning.

You learn to fall in love with yourself

Self-love is my number one priority in life and something I preach about all the time. The thing about self-love is you should never stop practicing it, whether you're single or in a relationship. It's the core of all things because how you feel about yourself is radiated about how you feel about others and your stance on the world. Being single helps you fall in love with yourself because you're not solely putting that huge amount of love on the other person, and can, therefore, aim it towards yourself, your needs, and your passions in life. It really helps you fall in love with yourself in every way and accept the things you're not the biggest fans of about you. Self-love isn't only the key to how you feel about yourself, but it's the key to confidence and being your best self.

You're able to figure out what's good for you and what isn't

Having alone time and being single is a great opportunity to figure out who you are and trial different things in life. It's an opportunity to allow you to figure out the hobbies you love to do, a job that makes you happy, or clothes you like to wear. And, it's also a time to realise the things that don't bring you joy, whether that's people, passions, or things. It's a reflective time and whether you're single for 6 months or years, the more you spend time reflecting and thinking, the easier it'll be to join the self-discovery journey and feel confident in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other reasons do you have?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Really inspiring post, especially leading up to Valentines Day where there is so much focus on being in a relationship. Being single is clearly working for you as you're able to find things that make you happy and your openness and honesty on the subject will definitely help others in the same boat.

    Without being patronising - well done you! These will be really good tips to share for the benefit of someone's self-confidence.

  2. What a great post! I didn't get into a relationship until I was ready and I feel like these lessons are all vital. I've spoken to people who seem to only be staying in relationships because it's comfortable, when in fact they don't even like their partner anymore. Which I think is so damaging xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/


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