5 Ways to Travel on a Limited Budget

Well hello to you my reader chums! One of the main misconceptions of travelling is that it has to cost thousands of pounds or means going to the other side of the world. Both of these examples aren't the case as travelling doesn't need to cost the world and you really don't need to fly far away to experience the travel life. 

5 Ways to Travel on a Limited Budget

If you're looking to travel but have a limited budget, here are 5 ways you can go travelling.

Book in advance/last minute deals

When it comes to travelling, you need to be on the constant hunt for deals to help you save money. Deals are everywhere and you need to know where to look for them. For flights, websites such as Skyscanner are perfect. It not only lets you compare all the airlines, but you can also alter the dates to see which days are cheaper to fly. For accommodation, you can use a mixture of Booking.com, Air BnB and Hostel World to search for the best deals. Booking.com tend to do deals of the day where hotels can slash their prices and Air BnB offer the option to only hire a room instead of a whole apartment that you can save cash. 

In terms of timing, this is crucial when it comes to booking a hotel or flights. It's known that booking 6 months in advance can save you money on both flights and accommodation, but the same can go for booking last minute. Between 8-10 weeks is the ideal time to book a flight. For accommodation, often, hotels try and get their rooms booked up so you can find some really great deals a week or two weeks before you leave.

Hostels and shared accommodation

If you're not so fussed about privacy and having your own space then a hostel or shared accommodation is the perfect way to save a few pennies. Hostels (depending on accommodation) can be as cheap as £10 per night and offer the opportunity to meet likeminded individuals, and share some great experiences together. With hostels, you can either bunk in dorms or have your own private room and share the facilities. Shared accommodation can go hand in hand with hostels, however, it can also include where you rent a room in an apartment or house and share the rest of the facilities on site. These two options can be a lot cheaper than a private room and private bathroom that you'll have more money for activities.

Stay close by

Travelling doesn't necessarily mean going all the way to Australia, even though that comes into it as well. To travel can mean venturing to your nearby city or town and exploring the localities. With that in mind, to save the cost of an expensive flight, look out for £30 flight deals to Europe or book a train in advance to the north/south of your country. With cheap travel costs, you'll have more of a budget to do things and see what your own country has to offer can be just as wonderful as experiencing a new culture.

5 Ways to Travel on a Limited Budget

Go with hand luggage 

Luggage is an expensive cost when it comes to travelling, especially if you want to bring a lot with you. Therefore, to save costs and lugging a heavy suitcase, you could pack lightly and take hand luggage. With most airlines, they offer about a 10kg hand luggage limit which is enough to bring a small suitcase and fit in everything you need.

Set a budget 

When it comes to travelling, you need to have a complete budget in mind. This is because, with limited finances, you don't want to splurge one day and then have no money to live off on the next day. Have a set budget in mind each day and an idea of what you'll want to do so you know what your money will be going on. For a cheaper holiday, things will need to be planned out more as you can't afford to splurge as much as you like to.

I hope you enjoyed this budget travel post. Where are you planning to visit next?

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