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 Well hello to you my reader chums! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'd know I talk about my anxiety a lot, how I deal with it, and my tips and tricks that have worked for me. Living with anxiety isn't easy, after making so much progress, I can sometimes end up doing five steps back instead of forward and it's an awful feeling. However, it's all part of anxiety, and every day, I'm learning new things about my own triggers and how to cope with them.

Calmigo review and experience

With my anxiety, I also have a lot of panic attacks. They used to occur more when I was younger, however, over the last 2 years, I've experienced them more often, and it's something I've been trying to find a way to cope with again. When Calmigo got in touch and offered to send me a device, I was more than excited to find something that could potentially be the method I've been looking for.

AD - This item was gifted but all opinions are my own.

If you're living with anxiety or dealing with panic attacks and looking for a solution to help, here is my full review and experience of Calmigo.

What is Calmigo?

Calmigo is a natural, portable device and drug-free solution, designed for moments of anxiousness, stress, and upset - and is used for both immediate relief and for long-term effectiveness. It looks like an asthma inhaler and is the same sort of size. 

Calmigo review and experience

How do I use Calmigo?

Calmigo is really simple to use once it has all been set up. The device has different elements including the scent attachment you clip on, which can add to the sense of calm, and the vibration switch, which you can either have on or off when using the device. The first thing to do is set up the device by adding in the batteries, clipping on the scent attachment, wiping down the mouthpiece, and switching on the device. Once you've done that, you're ready to use it.

You'll see the battery light flash on when you've switched on the device and then you're set to go. Simply begin by exhaling into the device and it will flash all three lights once you've reached the optimum length of exhalation. I like to keep on the vibration option as it gives me some comfort when breathing in and out of the device. The scent I have is lavender which again, is an extra comfort as that's the one scent that instantly soothes me. The best way I can describe how to use it, is by practicing breathing techniques to calm me down but with guided help. Watch this video to help - it gave me all the advice I needed.

Calmigo review and experience

How have I found using Calmigo?

Initially, I wasn't too sure what to expect of Calmigo and if it would actually do anything, but I've been beyond surprised with the outcome. It's something I wish my eighteen-year-old self could have had when I was having panic in nightclubs, on the tube, or in crowds, as it really has brought me a lot of relief.

I've found in moments when the anxiety is rising in my chest or I feel a panic attack coming on, that reaching for my Calmigo does the world of good. It allows me to focus on my breathing for a few moments and the scent of the lavender on the device adds that sense of calm. As it vibrates as I breathe, it kind of gives me a reminder that it's there which is a weird sense that is reassuring too. It's like a little pal with me cheering me on, especially if I'm alone panicking and there is nobody to calm me down. 

Calmigo is definitely something that has come with practice because at first, I didn't really get the knack for it but once I knew how to use it, I could really reap the benefits of what the device does. And, knowing I can carry it with me wherever I go, helps me have a little reassurance that I've got something to always make me feel better.

Would I recommend Calmigo?

I would 100% recommend Calmigo. I didn't expect to love the device as much as I should as nothing has really been completely effective with my panic attacks and anxiety. However, this little beauty is everything I've been needing in moments of anxiety. It's a little on the pricier end, but it's definitely one of those things that'll be worth the investment as I have the assurance of knowing, I have an actual thing to calm me down now, rather than relying on my friends, mediations or apps. It's a physical device that is there for me.

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Calmigo review and experience

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other methods help calm you down when you're feeling anxious?

Thank you for reading <3

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