Feeling insecure: how to cope and overcome your insecurities

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Feeling insecure is more common than you may think and everyone has insecurities personal to them, whether it's certain features or traits. Struggling with insecurities is normal and a part of everyday life. 

If you're struggling with particular insecurities and unsure how to overcome them, here are some tips on overcoming your insecurities. 

Feeling insecure: how to cope and overcome your insecurities

Create a list of positive affirmations

Affirmations have honestly been a blessing and something to reaffirm a positive thought of myself, whether I'm feeling low or even feeling good about myself. Positive affirmations are great to boost me up when I'm not feeling great and when I'm feeling good as a good reminder. These affirmations are different for everyone, from hyping up how you look to your personality traits.

Speak to people about your thoughts

A problem shared is a problem halved and speaking with others about how you're feeling and thoughts you have can give you the reassurance you need. They may offer you guidance on how to change your thoughts, share their personal experience, hype you up or give you a listening ear. The most important thing is opening the conversation as then you can ask for exactly what you need from the specific person, whether it's your partner or sibling.

Read other people's stories and experiences

Everyone has a story and a journey they've been on, especially with insecurities. Some people gain insecurities from experience and others inherently always have it, and learning about that journey can gain some perspective. This perspective can give you some tips, advice and guidance but also help you understand how strong you are.

Accept everyone has flaws including you

Nobody is perfect and having flaws is what makes you human. The sooner you understand that everyone has flaws, the sooner it can help you learn to accept and love your insecurities as they're the things which make you who you are. I used to have terrible body confidence and large insecurities about what I looked like but over time, those insecurities lessened and I've learnt to accept who I truly am.

Create a more positive image of yourself

A positive image of yourself is key to thriving and overcoming your insecurities. It's so easy for us to dislike who we are and compare ourselves to everyone around us as that's what society tells you to do. However, positive messaging and learning to love yourself, builds your self-esteem, self-love and that positivity to live a content lifestyle. 

Learn techniques to self-soothe

We all self-soothe in different ways because we're all unique and have different triggers. Some people like to get out and about, exercising whilst others prefer to journal their feelings or channel it all into creativity. Whatever the activity, there are many methods which can help you self-soothe and you can learn how to do that through trial and error. Over the years, I've tried many ways to soothe myself, some have worked and some haven't, or made me feel worse. Keep going until you find your method for all types of circumstances.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What tips would you add?

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Aww this post really hits home with me! It's comforting to know that feeling insecure is something many of us experience. I totally agree with the tips mentioned, especially about speaking to others and finding ways to self-soothe. For me, journaling has been a game-changer! <3

    Lenne | lennezulkiflly.com


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