Successes and achievements in 2023

 Well hello to you my reader chums! 2023 has been one of the best years yet and I'm grateful for all the incredible experiences, achievements and life lessons I've learnt across the way. It started out with the trip of a lifetime backpacking again, launching my business, settling into home life and many moments in between.

As the year ends, I'm in reflection mode and want to share my successes and achievements in 2023.

Successes and achievements in 2023

Backpacking across Asia for 3 months

I've been dreaming of returning to the backpacking way of life and Asia since 2019 and the dream come true this year for a longer time, across 3 months and the blessing of visiting 7 countries. I had the best ever time roaming around Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. I still can't believe all the sights I witnessed, the food I ate, the people I met and the memories I made with my partner. It's a dream I think about regularly and wish to relive every single moment.

Falling in love with my new home town

I moved away from home a few months before travelling but didn't get the chance to settle in properly until I returned home from backpacking. Since that point, I've been welcomed with a warm feel by the wonderful local community. My seaside town has plenty going on, from the beach, the sights, the creative community to the calm in the air.

Kickstarting my full-time business

I finally made my dream come true this year by launching my freelancing business, The Violet Network. I'm now a full-time freelance copywriter and social media specialist and I've spent 2023 learning many business lessons and the realities of freelancing life. I've enjoyed every minute, even the harder times of building up the business and the opportunities it has brought me. I can't wait to see what the next year or so brings.

Started writing my 6th book

I'm still trying to figure out how I've already written 5 books and this year, I've started my 6th. I've always wanted to write a book with a twin potline as I have a twin sister and wanted to share my experience through a fictional tale. I've loved working on it and can't wait to develop it further. 

My first public speaking gig

Public speaking was always something that terrified me and I really wanted to finally do it, and this year I had the chance. I joined a writing club and part of it was reading out our work in progress - and I did it, I read a book I've written in front of a room of people.

Building a community around me

Moving to a new town, I dealt with a lot of adjustments getting used to my new surroundings and meeting new people. However, I've managed to attract the most amazing community of people in my town, made loads of new friends and adapted my relationships with home friends which are still thriving.

Living with my partner

I moved in with my partner a couple months before we went backpacking together and I didn't get to fully embrace how much I loved it. This year when we returned home, I fell in love with having our own place, living in each other's pockets and doing life with each other - and I'm forever grateful for that.

What a year! There have been a million other successes and achievements over the past year that I'm grateful for. From the travels, the lessons, the friendships, and my family to wholesome moments, it has been a brilliant, insightful and loving year.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your achievements this year?

Thank you for reading <3

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