How to travel on a budget in Singapore

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I loved Singapore, to me it was a combination of London and Dubai with its modern skyscrapers, quirky cafes, clean streets and fancy restaurants. It's a gorgeous destination to spend a few days in luxury, especially during a long-term backpacking trip.

Singapore is also renowned for being ultra-expensive and before visiting I was worried, I would spend too much money or couldn't afford it. Although, I managed to travel as much on a budget as possible in a pricey city.

How to travel on a budget in Singapore

Book into a hostel

Accommodation in Singapore is very overpriced, especially hotels and Airbnbs and I thought, it was going to be impossible to stay on a budget. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't exactly cheap compared to the other destinations I was travelling to on my backpacker trip, but it was affordable overall. Hostels are significantly cheaper than any other type of accommodation and usually consist of pods. 

Eat in the Hawker centres 

The restaurants and cafes in Singapore can be very expensive, similar to London prices. To eat on a budget, the best option for food are the Hawker centres across Singapore. These Hawker centres are food markets of locals cooking up a variety of different cuisines. Every market differs from the next and they're scattered all over the city.

Create a day budget and stick to it

I always say the best habit to get into when travelling is having a daily budget, as it'll help you share your money accordingly and stay within your total budget. For every day in Singapore, pick a suitable budget to include food, transport and whatever activities you're planning to do.

Walk as much as possible

My favourite thing about being in a city is mooching around on food and discovering the hidden streets, quaint shops and hipster coffee shops. Although Singapore is pretty large, there are many areas in which you can easily walk around and find the main attractions on foot, saving you money along the way.

Take public transport

For the sights, you'd like to see further out or if your accommodation is away from the centre, public transport is your best bet. Despite the hefty price tag the city has, public transport is affordable, clean and simple to get around. Its tube system has to be one of my favourites I've been on as I love how easy it was to access and get around.

Explore the free attractions

Singapore is packed with plenty of free things to see and do, whether you love a mooch or evening activities. From the Marina Bay light show to wandering through Chinatown or Little India to exploring the street art scene, there are many free attractions you can do on your trip.

Book attractions on Klook

Klook has to be my new favourite travel app to book tickets and tours on as they always have brilliant deals to save you a few pounds here and there, and the tours are always epic. To save money on some of the most popular attractions in Singapore, test out Klook and I can assure you, you'll love it as much as me. It's one of those apps I'm relieved I found!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Is this the first time in Singapore?

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing, when I went to Singapore, I booked my hotel directly with the hotel itself which a little cheaper than going through sites, but I wanted a little more comfortable experience than a hostel with a swimming pool to chill out by after having a rubbish flight - due to travel sickness, I did use the public transport to go an explore the botanic gardens, which saved on the costs :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures


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