Lessons I've learned about growing a business as a freelancer

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I love being a freelancer; it has its pros and cons but it's exciting and the best decision I've ever made. I went full-time freelance this year in April and within these 8 months, I've learnt a lot about how to build a business, develop my craft and made many mistakes along the way.

Freelancing is hard graft, it's challenging like any other business, however, it has taught me resilience, confidence and assurance that I can do it. If you're new to freelancing, here are the lessons I've learned about growing a business as a freelancer.

Lessons I've learned about growing a business as a freelancer

Networking is key

It's always about who you know, not what you do and networking is a great example of that. To build clientele, learn who is in the industry and gain confidence with others, networking truly is key. I've loved how I've put myself out there with networking as the thought of it did terrify me. However, the more I did it, the more I began to enjoy it and reap the rewards. 

Networking, whether it's virtually or in person, meeting new people benefits you when finding new work and can build up your referrals. It also helps with learning from others and you can ask for help with any business issues you have from like-minded individuals.

Freelancing is hard work

I knew starting a business would be hard and building up clientele. However, I didn't quite grasp the graft that freelancing takes. If I'm not looking for work, I'm doing the client work. Then there's also the admin aspect, marketing, networking and constantly following up to create and retain business. It can be hard to switch off but the benefits and rewards outweigh the work you put in.

High and low periods are normal

I had an idea about how up and down freelancing would be before I started but I realised it when I launched. Some months, I can be very busy and other months, things can be the complete opposite - and that's normal. It's all about embracing the waves, planning accordingly and enjoying the process. In the high periods, I'm exceptionally organised and thrive on my work, whilst during the quiet, I work on my marketing, admin and networking.

Failure is normal

Failure is all part of the learning process. If you don't fail, how will you succeed? With business, you need to make mistakes and take risks, otherwise, you're not going to thrive or make waves in what you do. If you fail, it doesn't mean you should give up. It means you should try again but try it differently. Accept failure and take it in your strive. It doesn't mean your business won't do well. 

Learning is a positive thing

The best thing you can do as a business owner is learn. Learning should never stop, whether it's online training or meeting other people, you will always be learning. Ensure as a business owner, you embrace the learning as much as you can and know, it's never a waste of time or resources.

Marketing is crucial to business growth

I've worked in marketing all my adult life and it's what I specialise in as a freelance copywriter and social media specialist. With that in mind, I know the power of marketing and doing it effectively. Don't miss out on investing time and money in marketing as it'll help your business stand out and build your brand awareness.

Running my own business is everything I ever wanted

I've dreamed of being my own boss for as long as I can remember. Now, I'm my own boss, I can live my life on my terms, choosing my schedule and picking who I want to work with. I can align my life with my values and overall dreams.

A support system is everything

As freelancing is hard, having a support system around me has done wonders when I'm struggling with the quiet periods. I'm forever grateful to my family, friends and partner for their encouragement, love and support.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What lessons have you learned if you're a freelancer?

Thank you for reading <3

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