2-week itinerary for Sri Lanka

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Sri Lanka has my heart, I'm still in awe of the incredible experiences I had in the country and loved travelling over the course of two weeks around the country. With a diverse range of experiences from temple hopping, and tea plantations to beaches and hiking, Sri Lanka offers something unique for everyone.

If you're planning a  backpacking trip to Sri Lanka and unsure where to go, here is my 2-week itinerary for Sri Lanka featuring many exciting destinations.

2 week itinerary for Sri Lanka

Colombo - 1 night

As Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo is typically the city you will fly into, wherever you depart. I've got to admit Colombo was my least favourite part of Sri Lanka because essentially, it's a commuter city. It's loud, packed with way too much traffic and crowds of people going about their day. I'd recommend staying here for the night, simply to rest up before travelling somewhere else after the flight. There are a couple of sights to see in the city including various temples and markets, but generally, it's a city to eat, sleep and spend time in friendlier locations.

Anuradhapura - 2 days

From Colombo, you can get the train to Anuradhapura and it takes around 5 hours. The train has different class carriages and you can book the tickets either online or buy them at the station. I loved the train journey as it had some gorgeous green scenery. 

Anuradhapura isn't huge and two days is enough to experience its ancient capital and the variety of iconic temples. This amount allows you to soak up the sights, experience the natural side of the city and blend in with local life. Despite the historical significance, it's not an over touristy place and allows you to immerse yourself in the culture.

Dambulla - 3 days

2 week itinerary for Sri Lanka

Dambulla is larger than Anuradhapura and I would suggest three days to make the most of the attractions and experiences here. It takes around 3 hours on a bus from Anuradhapura to Dambulla and once you're there, it's easier to have a mode of transport to get around. Dambulla was one of my favourite places due to its gorgeous sights. It's home to the famous Cave Temple, Sigiriya Rock and Piduranagala Rock, perfect for experiencing the natural, picture-perfect landscapes Sri Lanka offers. Also, here I went on an elephant safari (in an eco-park) and enjoyed the wonders of the many spice gardens. It has a combination of hikes, wild experiences and religious significance, plus a completely natural landscape throughout the town.

Kandy/Nuwara Eliya - 2 days

Kandy to Ella is a very recommended route for backpackers, however, there isn't much in Kandy. You can easily spend one day there to experience the best sights such as the renowned Temple of the Tooth, botanical gardens, the markets and the beautiful lake, set in the middle of the city. From there, I would head en route to Ella. However, instead of getting the 8-hour train journey, hire a driver to take you to Nuwara Eliya and get the train to Ella from there. I'm incredibly thankful we made this choice because it allowed us to experience many beautiful sights between Kandy to Nuwara Eliya, including the tea plantations, a tea factory tour, waterfalls and endless sights of greenery. When we arrived in Nuwara Eliya, we also got to see the town and our driver dropped us off at the station, ready for our train.

Ella - 3 days

The train from Nuwara Eliya took around 4 hours and was the famous journey for' sticking your head out of the train' for a photo. Arriving in Ella, it was the first place that felt like tourist heaven, with plenty of backpackers and families. I'd recommend three days in Ella because it has many different sights and spots to relax, eat and enjoy the holiday spirit. The best sights range from Little Adam's Peak, the Nine Arch Bridge, and waterfalls including Diyaluma Falls. Plus, it's a beautiful place to walk around the natural paths and enjoy mountainous views. 

2 week itinerary for Sri Lanka

Unawatuna - 3 days

To end the trip on a high, head down south and explore the phenomenal beach scene. There are many different towns down south to choose but we went for Unawatuna and I'm thrilled we did. The beach haven featured many wonderful stretches of sand, endless brunch places, and delicious dinner spots and was nearby to the historical Galle Fort. It was the perfect way to bid goodbye to Sri Lanka, relaxing and soaking up the sunshine.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Where's next on your travel wishlist?

Thank you for reading <3

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