Reminders to hear before the start of the new year

 Well hello to you my reader chums! 2021 has flown by, I'm not even sure where the year went? It certainly has been a very up and down year for many of us but we've made it and the new year is nearly here. When a new year arrives, there always seems to be a huge pressure to reinvent yourself, set 10000 goals, get fit, be healthy and really change your whole life. However, that doesn't need to be done. it's all a societal construct. 

Reminders to hear for the new year

If you're anxious about a new year or feeling the pressure to set goals, here are some reminders to keep you smiling.

You've achieved so much already

You've made it through another year, you're here, learning, growing, and thriving. You've achieved so much already in your life and you're doing so well. Wherever you may be in this moment, appreciate how far you've come and what you've achieved, and remind yourself at this moment if you're feeling anxiety.

Your happiness is the most important thing

This is a self-explanatory reminder but one that needs reaffirming time and time again. Your happiness needs to be the number one priority in whatever you do in life, from your goals, relationships, career to everyday moments. When the new year approaches, that's what you need to focus on, you don't need to focus on the big pressures and big goals but the things that are going to make you happy in the now and in the future.

You have your whole life to achieve big goals

We often forget that even though life goes by quickly, it also paces slowly and you have so much time to achieve the big things in life. You don't need to do everything in your twenties; you can find love in your sixties, have kids in your forties, buy a house whenever and reinvent yourself when you retire. Life doesn't stop the day you turn 30 and if that's the age you turn next year, don't focus on that, focus on the things you can aim towards and the feeling you're experiencing as you work towards them.

Age is really a number

This brings me onto age. Age is just a number; there isn't a timeline to when you should achieve things but a societal pressure to do so. We're taught that everything needs to be done in our twenties, otherwise we're a failure, but that can be further from the truth. Your twenties are a time where you're just starting to learn about yourself, you shouldn't be trying to achieve everything on your life goal list, you should be enjoying yourself and starting to figure things out. As the new year calls in, focus on this, focus on the fact that your age isn't important and it's about doing what brings you joy.

You are worthy

You are good enough. You are worthy. These affirmations need to be reinforced every day of your life, but especially in a time where comparison is high in the air and everybody is making these huge remarks about what they want to achieve. You are worthy because you are wonderful you and you deserve wonderful things to happen to you.

You don't need to compare yourself to others

Comparison is the killer of all joy. Whatever other people are doing in their lives, shouldn't compare to yours. We all measure success differently, we all want to achieve different things and we've all gone through different struggles. You need to focus on yourself, your goals, and what you want to achieve in the new year. There's no point comparing it to someone else's goals if they're bigger and better, or you think they're bigger and better. Your goals, what you want to achieve, and who you are are just as valid and important.

You don't need to change your whole life 

Don't be pulled under the pressure of thinking you need to reinvent yourself with the new year. Choose what you want to do and focus on that. If you have no goals, that's completely fine, it's not necessary to be inspiring or make a statement with what you want to do or prove it to everyone.

A new year doesn't need to be a new life

You don't need to change everything just because we're heading into a new year. Your life right now is incredible as you want it to be, a change in date doesn't have to change that if you don't want to change. Do what's right for you. And, if you do actually want to reinvent yourself and go on a new journey, then roll with that. A new year is your chance to do exactly what you want to do, whether that's change, continue life how it is or go with the flow. The main thing is that you're happy, healthy, and doing you.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other reminders do you have?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Thank you so much for this, the one about age is especially on point; as today is my 27th birthday! 😅

    I still don’t know where i’m going in life, but im happy, and that’s all that matters! Lately i’ve just been so filled with gratitude that I can just BREATHE easily, im not in a constant panic or dread anymore.. I do am in such better place than I used to be early 20s.

    Always follow your heart xx
    Happy 2022!

    Kristina @

    1. Hey Kristina, I'm so glad this post has helped you in some way! Sending so much love and I hope you had a fab bday xx

  2. Thanks for these affirmations! Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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