How to take care of yourself over the Christmas period

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Tis' the season; the time of festivities, fun, family, and friends. The Christmas period is an exciting time of social events, hearty food, and being appreciative of what we have. However, the fun season comes with pressures, stresses, and hard times too, life doesn't stop just because people are celebrating - and people struggle even more so in a time that's meant to be so happy. And of course, not everybody celebrates Christmas so it's important to take that into consideration too.

How to take care of yourself over the Christmas period

It's important to be mindful of everyone around you always, especially in the festive season - and care for yourself too. If you need some advice on how to take care of yourself or some tips, here are the best ways to look after yourself over the Christmas period.

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Make the time for you

Alone time is the most important thing all year round but especially during a season that holds so much societal pressure. With lots of social events and a busy time to see people, it can be hard to have the time to sit with your thoughts or have that much-needed alone time, but not doing that, can really burn you out. Try and set some time aside each week to make that time for you. It can be an hour or so to watch your favourite show, read a book, or just sit there with your thoughts to reflect.

Get organised

Organisation is key to Christmas. I'm a bit of an organisational nerd and love to plan out all of my presents in advance so I have the time to shop around and find the best presents for each person. Etsy is my go-to place for presents as I love trying to support small businesses. As I plan and keep things organised, it helps me feel a lot less stressed about preparation, as I physically have in front of me what I need to buy and where to get it. Plus, there's always something so satisfying ticking off a list like that.

Practice your self-care routine

Self-care is more than bubble baths and face masks (even though it means that too), and it means caring for all areas of health. It means ensuring you eat intuitively, keep hydrated, get enough sleep, exercise, and set boundaries to care for your mental health and wellbeing. Christmas is a busy time and it's the most important season to learn to say no, set your boundaries, and practice what feels right for you and your mind.

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself

This is easier said than done, but as a season that expects so much out of you, try not to expect too much of yourself. Taking the pressure off yourself can be hard, especially when we look at social media and see what everyone else is doing. However, the best way to do this is to remind yourself that you're doing your best to bob along with the festivities. 

Manage your expectations

This leads me onto managing your expectations. To take the pressure off yourself, lower your expectations on what is to happen in terms of festivities and what you bring to the table. By lowering your expectations, you have nothing to expect so anything that happens is a bonus if that makes sense. You can always make even better memories and come up with present ideas if you take away the standard you set for yourself.

Get outside as much as possible

With shorter days, getting out in daylight is harder than in the summer and springtime. However, in a time full of busy plans and colder weather, it's important to have that fresh air in your day. Whether it's the first ten minutes when you get up or in your lunch hour, try and get that snippet of fresh air to refresh your senses.

Reassure yourself it's okay if you're not happy

Just because the season is a time for complete joy, it doesn't mean you need to be happy all the time. Mental illnesses and poor mental health still occur at this time, you can still be triggered, experience bad anxiety or depressive episodes and that's okay. Don't shame yourself if you're feeling unwell or not happy. It's okay to feel all that you're feeling. 

Enjoy all the food

The festive season is all about food and also that means it's a time where there is a big pressure to eat. For most people, that's a fun prospect, however for those who deal with eating disorders or disordered eating, it can be a hard time, and it's important to take care of your mental health first and foremost. For those who don't deal with that, try and spend the season enjoying every bite, and not get influenced by diet culture.

Practice gratitude

Christmas is a time to be grateful, to appreciate everything we have and for those around us. It's a time to enjoy every good part of life and fully embrace it. I always feel extra lucky at Christmas for having a good family, good friends, food on the table, and a warm house, and focusing on those thoughts always helps my mind feel a lot better.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other tips do you have?

Thank you for reading <3

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