How to care for yourself in a depressive episode

 Well hello to you my chums! Depression is a horrible illness and something that isn't easy to live with. Those living with it or recently diagnosed will understand the weight of it, carrying it around and knowing that depressive episodes could happen at any time, depending on your triggers.

If you struggle with depression and need some advice on looking after yourself in a depressive episode, here are my tips.

How to care for yourself in a depressive episode

Praise yourself for the little things

When a depressive episode hits, getting out of bed can seem like an impossible task, that's why it's so important to talk positively to yourself. Celebrate the little things you're able to do, whether that's getting dressed, having a shower, or getting out of the house. The small boosts can really help push your mindset in the right direction.

Write a to-do list

This takes me onto my next point, writing a to-do list. A list may help you feel productive when all you want to do is not do anything. Your to-do list doesn't need to be extra or over the top, it could be a list of simple tasks to do in the day to keep you motivated and have something to focus on. This could give you the push you need to get on with something, and a way to care for yourself.

Put on real clothes

Cosy pyjamas and loungewear are all we want to sit in when we're unwell, however, putting on proper clothes can give you a sense of purpose for your day. Real clothes don't need to mean business attire, they could just be a pair of dungarees. It's about putting on an outfit that you feel like yourself in to make you feel some sense of okay in what you look like.

Distract your mind with something you enjoy

Being with your thoughts is the worst thing you can do in a depressive episode as it means they can spiral and get worst. This is why I'd advise you to distract yourself with something you enjoy that doesn't take too much concentration. For instance, it could be listening to a podcast, watching a film, reading a book, or colouring in. There are many things you could do but I always think, if it's something that brings you joy, it'll be the best choice. 

Try to get out and about if you can

Getting out of the fresh air is so important for your mental and physical health that when you're in a depressive episode, it can really be something that can help you in some way. If you're able to, try and get out of your house. It can be just to get some fresh air in your lungs or go outside for some exercise, whatever you're feeling up to. Fresh air and walking will do you the world of good.

Talk to someone

Living with depression is hard and can feel like the biggest weight on your shoulders so sometimes, it's helpful to share that weight. This is why when you're in one of those episodes, it's important to speak to someone, so you can release some of that weight. Talking to someone doesn't necessarily mean you want that person to help you, it's just a great way to release and have a listening ear.

Remind yourself of how far you've come

You are good enough, you are worthy and you've come so far. When you're in a depressive episode, as hard as it can be, it's important to try and remember your progress. Look back at the times you've overcome this obstacle and know you can do it again. Keep trying to remind yourself of that. Write that affirmation down and read it every morning and when you need the reminder.

Keep a journal to learn your triggers

Depressive episodes always have their triggers and it's important to be aware of yours so you know when you're going into another one. Being self-aware is one way to do this and that's why daily journalling your emotions can help you pinpoint your thoughts, feelings and therefore, help find your triggers.

Remember depression is an illness

Depression is an illness and I think a lot of us who suffer from that often forget it and shame ourselves for asking for help and saying we're feeling unwell as there is so much stigma around it. When you're in an episode, you need to remember this and look after yourself in the same way you do with the flu or a bug, like resting and eating well, the care is just as important.

Practise self-care

Self-care is incredibly important for your mental health in general, but even more, emphasis is on mental illness like depression. It's important to take the time to eat well, hydrate yourself, work out and do all the self-care steps in your day.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other tips do you have?

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Thank you, such a lovely post! ❤️

    When mine hits, I find melting in a bath does help. Even if it’s just relaxing without washing thoroughfully and putting another pajama on- that does help lift the mood a bit for me.
    I also practice my « ignoring the voices » practice, telling myself that the storm will eventually end and to wait it out. There’s no reason to deny it; you are in a storm right now- yes, that’s okay. Acknowledge and let it pass.. we do know that it will go away, and the sun will be back; just hold on onto that for the moment. Surf the wave..

    Kristina @


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