5 ways to deal with anxiety

Well hello to you my reader chums! 

Anxiety, a mental illness that's slowly receiving the awareness it needs, is a daily battle for a wide range of people. I've suffered with it throughout my life on different levels, especially in the past few years. However, I can now say I've come out on top, feeling much better than I used to. 

Through those hard, gruelling moments where I thought anxiety would take over, knocking my confidence and drive, I can safely say through the support of friends and perseverance, I got to where I am today; on a happier journey with my mental health. I've come incredibly far and even though the anxiety is still there, it isn't a prominent hindrance in my life anymore. I tried, I conquered and life became a joy once more, 2016 has certainly been the best year by far.

Today, therefore I wanted to share with you my ways on how to cope with those 'anxious days', where anxiety takes over and you'd rather hide away from the world than face the outside of your front door. Dwelling makes things a hundred times worse so I find in these bouts of anxiety, that treating yourself, being creative or doing what you love is the way to go.

Anxiety coping methods

Top 5 tips on dealing with anxiety

Read a book 

When my thoughts are spiralling out of control, nothing better can bring me down to earth than escaping into a story. Ever since I was small, I found reading as the perfect unwinding method and coping mechanism. You're able to use your imagination for good, turning those words on the page into images in your head. Whether it's fiction or a funny autobiography, whichever will put a smile on your face during your anxious state, pick up and indulge.

Unwind in the bath

As a major Lush and bath fan, I adore being able to fill up the tub with bubbles and soak it all up. When laying back and closing your eyes, all the minor worries seem to just float away and you can truly just focus on yourself. I find baths a perfect time to practise my breathing exercises too if I find myself in a panicky, anxious way.

Colouring in 

My friends recently bought me one of those adult colouring books and I've heard beforehand how they're beneficial for mindfulness. I have to admit it's true, when you're colouring in and focusing on the intricate detailing of the pattern, your mind gets distracted and doesn't focus on the anxious, negative thoughts.

Go for a walk 

They say exercise is not only good for physical health but mental also. Walking, on the beach, park or to my local shop really refreshes the mind. I just pop in my favourite tunes and take a break away from what I'm focusing on. It gives me a chance to breathe and exercise away my worries. I'm lucky to say, I live incredibly close to many beaches and parks so a breath of coastal or country air is only minutes away. Take the opportunity to pop out of the house for ten minutes and absorb the fresh air.

Meet up with your friends 

The last way that helps me feel a thousand times better is being or talking to my best friends. They have the ability to make the situation easier and put a smile back on my face even when I'd rather sit and cry with my thoughts. If you're feeling anxious, either text, call or even invite your pals over, I can guarantee you a bit of loving company will take away your weighted thoughts.

Anxiety mental health quote

Anxiety is different for everyone and each person has their own ways of dealing with every situation it throws at you. But the main thing to remember is you can and you will get through it. It can come in horrific ways yet will gradually get better with time, positive thinking and hope. You are not anxiety and anxiety, isn't you. Take on board whatever life throws at you and give it your best shot, it's all anyone ever asks. You're a brave, brilliant and strong individual - You've got this!

I hope you enjoyed this anxiety tips post. What are your best coping methods for anxiety?

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  1. glad your feeling better! great tips

  2. These are great tips! One of my really close friends has bad anxiety and colouring really helps her X

    1. Thank you lovely! Aw, I'm thrilled to hear that technique works for her xx

  3. Really handy tips! I suffer from anxiety myself but, like you, am starting to pull through it. I am so glad you are pulling through it and I hope it stays that way for you 😊

    1. Thank you so much Claire! I'm happy you're beginning to pull through it too ☺️ x

  4. I have tried all of these in the past and found all of them to help in some way - especially seeing friends. Sometimes you just need to take your mind off things and stay busy. I also find going to a fitness class helps me, being in a room with lots of other people always makes me feel a lot better, but you're right, it's such a different experience for everyone.

    katie ♥ lacoconoire.com

    1. Thank you! Yes, I definitely agree the key is to keep busy. I'm really happy fitness works for you xxx

  5. Like yourself I have been a sufferer for years only got the worst is ever been just last year. I'm finally getting the control I need with it and these tips you have shared are all very similar things to what I do especially bubble baths and reading. I even got my mum into colouring :) fab post!! xXx

    1. I'm glad to hear you're more in control of it now! Yay go team colouring :) take care lovely xx

  6. This is a really helpful post and I'm glad that you are feeling better ! I hope you manage to keep on controlling it !


  7. Great tips - I always go for a walk if I'm feeling like that, I feel like the fresh air and change of scenery really helps. Also - thats my FAVOURITE book (in the pic), I love it!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog


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