Review: Kiko's comfort lip liners

Well hello to you my reader chums! When it comes to lip products, it's safe to say I have quite the collection, from mattes to satins and oranges to burgundy, lipsticks are my guilty pleasure. Over the past few months, I've got more into lipstick application, using liner and layering colours to ensure the product stays on that little bit longer. The Kiko comfort lip liner collection is a range that has seriously impressed me and here's why:

Kiko comfort lip liners


As with all Kiko products, the lip liners have a sophisticated flair to them with a sleek gold-tone exterior and pops of colour on each end to show off which shade it is. The applicator is a pencil shape, thin enough to apply precisely, yet has a thickness about it to help cover the entire lips with product. The thinness and length of the liner make them perfect for travel or to pop in a clutch bag on an evening out.


With some liners, I find the consistency to be very drying and drag too much onto the lips when applied, however, these are the complete opposite. The pencil even though looks like what it says on the tin, holds a creamy consistency when drawn onto the lips. I have to admit it tugs a tiny bit, yet when set, sinks quite nicely into the lips, feeling as if no product is there.

Kiko comfort lip liners


A factor that really impressed me was the lip liner's pigmentation. Only one light touch is needed upon lip application to achieve an opaque colour pay off. I like to outline first and then continue to colour the rest of my lips in. When completed, the liners gives a matte finish, ideal to build a lipstick on top.

Colour range 

As you can see from the pictures, I have 4 out of the range: 1 orange and 3 nudes, a brown-toned, berry-toned and pink toned. They have varieties of each different colour e.g slightly darker duskier pinks or more subtle oranges; the versatility is endless.

304: I'd describe this shade as a warm, red-toned brown. A slight nude but can be used more for a statement style autumn/winter lip, a very versatile colour.

306: A warm and bright, orange colour, ideal for a statement summer lip. I love to pair this liner with Mac's Lady Danger, my all-time favourite orange lipstick.

313: A bold, berry-toned fuchsia colour, the best shade for a fun autumn style lip. I love all things berry coloured so this shade certainly comes in handy.

315: Similar to the previous colour with a more underlying pink tone and subtle colour pay off. I love to pair this with Mac's Faux to darken up the lip slightly and give more of an edgy look.

Kiko comfort lip liners swatches

Lasting power

The most important point, how long do these lip liners last? I can honestly say, these are the best lip products I've tried in terms of lasting power. The liner clings to the lips and doesn't come off until you remove it. I find by applying it under lipsticks, helps pro-long their wearing power, yet the liners can also be worn on their own. They stay put through drinking, eating and more; I'm obsessed. I may have 4 colours, but I definitely want to get my hands on more - a must-buy!

I hope you enjoyed this Kiko lip liner review! Have you tried these out?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I too love Kiko liners one of the only things I have tried from the brand!

    Parie x

    1. They're brilliant! Have you tried their eye shadow sticks? Amazing xx

  2. I'm not big on Lip Liners but this has made me wanna look into Kiko more! I've never tried that brand!

    Kirsty xo


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