Hello autumn!

Well hello to you my reader chums! 

Crisp chilly mornings, berry lips, blanket scarfs and cosy nights in, hello autumn. Without a shadow of a doubt, autumn is one of my favourite seasons. The whole frosty vibe, Christmas run up and shorter days fills my heart with so much warmth. Surrounded by twinkly fairy nights and lingering, cinnamon flavoured candles, autumn time is the queen for nights in; Lush baths and film evenings galore.

Fashion - With the burgundy, khaki, mustard and deep purple shades coming back into play, autumn is my favourite season to experiment with fashion. I love layering up shirts, jumpers, scarfs and coats, then pairing them with Chelsea boots. The tartan scarfs and wooly hats are out, awaiting the festive season that lays ahead. It's such a cosy time, when evenings mean your most snug pjs and fluffy socks, worn without a care in the world.

Makeup - As the chillier weather hits, its the season for slightly heavier makeup, copper eyes and the oh so glorious berry lips, aka my favourite look to wear. I love everything about warm toned eye shadows and dark lipsticks, as not only does it compliment my skin tone but fashion choices also.

Activities - Whether it's firework displays, bonfires, film evenings or a cosy night time bath, all the activities autumn brings are incredibly charismatic. I have to admit, Guy Fawkes night is one of my best days of the year, the colourful fireworks, hearty snacks and lingering smell of bonfires truly makes me smile. With Lush's Halloween range released and their festive collection coming out soon, it's the time of year to fully indulge in spicy, enriching baths.

I hope you enjoyed this welcome to autumn post. What's your favourite thing about this season?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. The other woman is such a good film, girls night in with this film love it. Pixie xxx www.pixieox.co

    1. Isn't it?! Definitely one of my favourite films! My best friends and I can basically recite the whole thing xx

  2. I love bonfire night too, getting all cosy and warm!

    Parie x

  3. I love Autumn so much, definitely my favourite season!

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  4. I love your post lovely!! I love autumn myself and I just can't wait to do all these things!xx melishiascorner.wordpress.com x


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