October favourites ❤️

Well hello to you my reader chums! With October now coming to a close, it's time to share all the products I've been enjoying throughout the past month. Is it just me or did October just fly by? Christmas is drawing nearer and I can't wait till all the festivities begin! Evenings are becoming cosier and colder but with the promise of winter quite soon, I'm pretty excited.

Lets get into the favourites, here's an overview of all the items:

The first favourite of mine has to be berry lips. For me this is one of the many reasons I love Autumn so much as you can whip out every berry lipstick in sight. In particular I've been recently loving is the very hyped Mac's 'Diva'. I purchased this at the end of September after it being on my wishlist for the longest time and I must admit it lived up to every expectation. The colour pigmentation itself is absolutely gorgeous, I would describe it as a dark, vampy burgundy. In terms of lasting power, it's a lengthy, long wearing product. I could put it on at the beginning of an evening and when I got back home it would still be on my lips with minor wear marks due to drinking/eating. Even though its a matte shade, the lipstick isn't drying and holds a rather creamy consistency that when applied feels luscious on the lips. I completely and utterly adore it, where it's definitely become one of my go to berry lipsticks!

Another favourite of mine has been this Aquis towel. Now you may think isn't that a pretty random thing to put into your favourites post? This towel however, is designed as a hair wrap, aiding your hair to dry naturally without any heat use. I have to admit before I began using this, I would just leave my hair to air dry, sleeping on it when it was quite damp. Yet once my hair has been washed, I'll now towel dry it a tad, wrap this up and the leave it till it's completely dry. Usually prior to using the head wrap, my hair would be rather tangly and knotty in the mornings, yet now there's a complete difference; I wake up to my hair feeling much smoother, softer and easier to brush. It's honestly made a real difference as my hair as a whole feels healthier. 

When it comes to applying makeup, I like to change up techniques from time to time. Real techniques are my favourite brushes and for the past few weeks, to apply concealer I've been reaching for my contour brush which I typically use for highlighting. However, I found it to be a dream to blend under eye concealer because its the perfect size to get into that area on my face and is incredibly soft, not tugging on the sensitive skin under my eyes.

Another item I've been loving lately is the Zoella beauty 'Blissful mistful'spray. I purchased this last year when her first range came out and absolutely adored the scent of all the products. To me they smell rather similar to Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' which is my favourite scent. I found that over the past few weeks, Zoella's body mist has become my go to everyday perfume choice. It isn't too heavy or overpowering as its designed to be a mist, however the scent lasts well and I genuinely love it. The packaging is super sweet as well!

The last makeup product is the Sleek Faceform kit in 'Light'. This is a very old favourite of mine which I always go back to. I've been loving the combination of the blush and highlight in this palette with contoured cheeks as it gives the full contour and highlight effect, lifting up my cheekbones. The highlighting shade is rather subtle, adding that slight shimmer when the light hits and the blush enhances the natural colour on the apples of the cheeks. Therefore when paired, its not too over dramatic, yet gives a gorgeous natural looking highlight. I've been wearing my Estee Lauder bronzer with this duo as its more warm toned than the bronzer in the palette.

Lastly, one of my top things this month has been reading. On a chilly evening, there's nothing more perfect than wrapping up with a good book. Over the past few weeks, I've been reading 'The girl on the train' and I have to say it was absolutely remarkable. I loved every single word and how it grabbed you, enticing you to read more. The plot line is faultless and the way the story was conveyed is so gripping you never want to put the book down. As soon as I picked it up I was hooked and would recommend it to any book enthusiasts out there. It certainly lived up to the best seller status and all the adoring reviews I've heard. Since I loved it that much, I've passed it onto my best friend so she can read it, hence why it's not pictured in the main October favourites image. I would go on to tell you what the book is about but I don't want to ruin it for any of you. I have to say I haven't read many thriller type novels, yet this book is definitely up there with the best I've ever read! 
Utterly flawless and a must read.

I hope you enjoyed my October favourites. What things have you been enjoying over the past month?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. love the lipstick, i think i might have to buy it for myself haha xx


  2. I definitely need to get my hands on one of those towels, I hate heat-styling my hair (too lazy haha!). The Sleek palette looks lovely too, that shade of blush is so pretty :) xx


  3. I have been wanting to buy mac diva for ages and I think I need to take the plunge! A great favourites post :)

  4. After recently being interested in books I've been looking for the next best read, and this looks like it could be it!


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