Autumn essentials

Well hello to you my reader chums! With Autumn well and truly among us, it's time to share with you all my beauty and fashion essential items I love in this heart-warming season. Autumn is the time which I adore, where everything becomes that extra bit cosier, nights become longer, leaves fall off the trees and fashion/makeup can be much more daring. Christmas is approaching and the newly found excitement is just beginning! 

Here's an overview of all my favourite things:

Jumpers - One of the best things about the weather turning colder is the wrapping up of clothes. I particularly love jumpers because on a cold day inside, there's nothing better than throwing on a comfy jumper and leggings to chill. Or wearing jumpers as part of any look, paired with jeans, cute Chelsea boots and a coat, layering is just fab. I have to be honest and say I own several jumpers in a variety of colours from fitted ones to more baggier options, both of which I love to wear on different occasions. The jumper choice above is a rather recent purchase which to me screams Autumn. It's from H&M, in a burnt orange/rust colour that when paired with navy jeans and brown boots looks like the perfect Autumnal outfit. I find jumpers the quickest clothing item to style as you can put them easily with either trousers or a skirt, choose some shoes and you're ready to go. 

Tartan scarfs - Another clothing must in this season is scarfs, in particular tartan ones. I own 4 or 5 different styled tartan print scarfs which I alternate with different looks. Some are quite thin and designed to make an outfit look that extra bit chic, whereas many of the ones I own are rather thick, large enough to be a small blanket! With that extra thickness it helps keep in the heat on those rather chilly Autumn days. I love the layering of scarfs especially the ones in this print, as the colours they usually come in are those typical Autumnal tones or Christmas-esque colours, great for the upcoming excitement. 

Berry lips - Probably my most favourite element in this season and that's berry lips. It's safe to say I'm a lipstick addict and one of those beauty lovers which will buy various similar coloured lip products. Out of all dark lips my top colour to go for is berry/burgundy tones as I simply just adore them. I think they compliment my complexion well and add that edge to any makeup look. I like to wear darker lips anyway on evenings out, yet when it hits Autumn I find myself grabbing for those colours more frequently and using them in the day. The options in the image above is the very hyped up Rimmel 107 and a newly addition of Mac's 'Diva' (yes I finally got it!) Even though both the shades are pretty similar, I find 'Diva' is a more vampier, darker option giving more of a purple tone whereas Rimmel's 107 has that slightly more berrier/pinker tone. Both however are absolutely  gorgeous, hold the best pigmentation and last for hours!

Lip balm - A more essential type item for this time of year is most certainly lip balm. I'm one of those people that when the cold hits my lips become incredibly dry. Therefore wherever I go I like to carry a lip balm with me as there's nothing worse than having ultra dry lips. My current favourite is Blistex's intense moisture pick because it has a scent very similar to vicks just not as strong, meaning when applied to the lips it feels like its doing something quickly due to the strength. I think it's best for those who suffer with extra dry lips because it can really aid with healing them.

Hand cream - Alike to my lips, when the cold weather strikes my hands become terribly dry and can crack if not taken care of, therefore a top essential for me is hand cream. I usually alternate between what hand cream I use and at the minute I'm enjoying the notable Soap and Glory's hand food. I bought this in the miniature size so I'm able to carry it with me on the go in case my hands aren't in a good state, I love the scent of this because  it's a blend of sweet and dusky that's not too overpowering. Also, the main thing I like is how its not greasy when applied onto the skin, nor does it take forever to sink in - the best qualities you can find in hand creams!

Bath bombs - My last Autumn essential are simply bath bombs, With colder weather now approaching, there's no better time to arrive home from work, run a lengthy warm bath, pop in a delightful bath bomb and sit back to relax, warming yourself up. Lush are typically my best option when it comes to bath products as there's nothing more luxurious than treating yourself to one of their treasures. I love how you can spend as little as 15 minutes to an hour, delving into an abundance of bubbles and letting your worries just float away! In my opinion it's just a divine way to de-stress an unwind on a chilly evening.

I hope you enjoyed this Autumnal post. What are your essential Autumn clothing or beauty items/tips?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. You've picked all the Autumn essentials I would! (Except maybe candles?) Rimmel 107 is going to be one I just keep coming back to this Autumn & I'm all about the jumpers now Summer has gone!

    Musings & More

    1. Aww yay! I haven't yet got onto the candle hype ( probably as I don't like fire haha!) Ah, I love it, couldn't agree with you more about the jumpers :)

  2. I love cosy jumpers and scarfs! Autumn (and winter) is my definitely favourite time of year :)

    Charlotte ~

  3. The tartan scarf is a must have!
    Jabeen x

  4. Tartan scarfs are an absolute essential for Autumn! I love mine and wear it every single year, great post! Xx
    The Style Icon


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