The perfect autumn evening in ❤️

Well hello to you my reader chums! Autumn is the time for not only leaves falling off the trees, Christmas preparations commencing or the layering fashion, but when the cosy evenings can well and truly begin. With chillier evenings amongst us, sometimes rather than venturing to a restaurant or night out with your best friends, a comfy evening in is just as enjoyable and usually costs less, saving your pennies for the festive season.

Either spent on your own or with your closest pals, an evening in cosying up, watching films and munching on lots of treats is the best combination for a good time.

 I've put together some of my favourite things to do on this type of evening as you can see below:

First thing first, when the weather is cold outside, preparing a hot chocolate and cuddling up in a blanket is a must. My go to choice is definitely a Nutella number with a dash of cinnamon on the top! It's simple and quick to make, simply heat up a cup of milk and swirl several spoons of Nutella in to create the mouthwatering goodness! 

If its an evening on your own, having a dip in a beautifully scented bath is just heavenly. I chose Lush's frozen bath bomb this time as it looks and smells gorgeous. Taking some time laying there with your thoughts away from a constantly beeping iPhone, allows your mind to relax and get away from the craziness of everyday life.

Following a bath I love to continue spending time away from my phone/internet to fully relax. Being a bookworm, I find nothing more peaceful than chilling with a book and immersing myself into a story line. Reading has and will always remain one of my favourite activities to unwind.

Instead of a book, films are a fabulous choice especially with friends as you can giggle away together! I chose a selection of my favourite girly movies as these are always the best to watch on a night in with your buddies, munching on a collection of goodies. Ordering a pizza and buying a couple of tubs of ice cream always does the trick!

To complete the night before you head off to bed, I love to do a face mask because not only does it unclog and refresh the skin, its a fun activity to experience with friends or to give yourself a little pamper. My top pick is Lush's 'Brazened honey' because it holds the most delicious scent and really exfoliates the skin.

I hope you enjoyed this small post on my perfect evening in. What are your favourite ways to spend an Autumn night?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Who doesn't love a good night in <3


  2. Oh my god you literally have all my favourite things one one page, hot chocolate, bath bombs, books and films - amazing! Pitch Perfect is one of my all time favourites, have you seen the second one?!

    1. Ahh! Yes I've seen it and absolutely loved it! Pitch perfect is one of my favourite films too ❤️


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