Time is a precious thing!

Evening my dear reader chums!

Recently, I've been having a think about how lucky I am to live the life I have, people have it so much harder with all the tragedies they face everyday like not knowing if they're family will be fed or being seriously ill. Looking at how other people have it makes me appreciate what I have and makes me more grateful, sure I fight with my parents or have pointless little dramas about things but I'm lucky to have support from friends and family that get me through all my little 'crisises'. As the truth is life does suck at times where we all feel like were never can be happy again or feel physically and emotionally drained that we don't want to carry on, there are moments like that, however you just need to pick yourself up and stay positive and strong. Chin up as my best friend is always telling me! There is hope, I know from experience not thinking I could go on, but I'm here today, I got through it, sure I still have little knockdowns but that's life its not easy.

Time is a precious thing, it goes so quickly, spend time with the people who matter and cherish those moments as you don't know how long they'll last. Today I've been thinking about all the old times I spent with my family, all those happy moments that I took for granted. I really do miss those times and would give anything to go back, those memories will  always be in my heart. I wish I could go back to those moments with people there who are no longer here.

My Dad, Maria (twin), Me and Matthew <3

My Mum, me and Maria <3
Maria, nanny and I <3
 Maria and I! Twins <3       

Love you grandad! Me, Kerry (cousin) and Maria <3

 Us again, Me and Maria <3

Memories are precious, keep them close to heart. Looking back at pictures reminds me of these good times and that these don't last forever, time goes so quick! My advise to you is look at what you have now with your family and friends and spent as much time with them as possible, while you still can! Sadly my grandads passed away when I was 8 and 12 and I still miss them dearly, but I cherish those times I had with them and they'll always be in my hearts! <3

Love all my family and friends so much! Live life to the full and enjoy every moment of it, take every opportunity you get as you never know where it'll take you! Don't look with back with regret but forward with hope! Make sure you keep positive and stay strong!

Thank you for reading! <3

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