Dealing with exam stress!

Evening my fellow reader chums!

If you've been following my previous blogs,you'd probably know that I've had a level exams this month, only one more to go yay! During this month I have to say I've been somewhat stressed as when it comes to exams I am quite a panickier! I'm just one of those people who constantly worry about everything, and as I set myself very high expectations I have a lot to live up to! Silly really!

Anyways, I'm going to give you a few tips on how to cope with stress:

1) Calm down!- Honestly the worst thing you can do is panic, I do it every year before exams and it gets me nowhere, I just work myself up for no reason. If I was you before you go into the exam take a deep breath and calm down, you can't change what you do or don't know a few minutes before the exam.

2) Don't over revise- If you constantly sit at home reading and re-reading the subject without taking any breaks, it won't do you much good, you need time to relax and times to learn so try and get the balance right. Especially moments before the exam there's no need to re-read over the notes you can't automatically become a genius in a few minutes!

3) Don't think negatively- When you go into the exam hall, go in with a positive mind set as even though you're worried, thinking you're going to fail won't help anyone, it'll just panic yourself even more.

4) Have a good breakfast/lunch before the exam- Brain food is vital for your concentration in the exam so there's no point in eating a load of sugar before you go in as you'll just have a giant sugar rush and all your energy will then go down. If  I was you I'd eat something wholesome which lets out energy gradually throughout the day such as bananas or oats or even a good healthy cereal.

5)Support- Before an exam support off your friends will help you deal with stress. Have a group discussion before the exam with your friends to calm all of you down and create a positive mind set within the group. Hugs are also something  I think are needed before the exam as it shows no matter what people will still care for you and carry on supporting you!

To those who have upcoming exams I hope these tips helped! Just try your best, go into that exam and just give it your all thats all anyone can ask. Please don't give up, just write everything you remember!

Good luck everyone! <3

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