Rimmel scandal eyes eye liner review!

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Recently, I purchased the Rimmel scandal eyes eye liner as I was in need of a waterproof eye liner. I've heard great things about this eye liner and couldn't wait to buy it! As the weather is windy a lot, my eyes always seem to water meaning the coal eye liner on my water line faded easily. So I decided to buy this product and I can honestly say I'm really impressed with it. Its not only affordable with it costing £3.99 but its really pigmented and it stays on my water line for nearly the whole day!

I recommend this product to anyone whose looking for a lasting eye liner that is very pigmented. I'm definitely going to re-purchase this product again as I thoroughly enjoy it and its good for daily use.  I would say the only down side is, it sometimes smudges and the tip goes blunt quite easily meaning you'll have to re-sharpen it quite often. However I wouldn't let these disadvantages get in the way of buying this product as it does really look good as a daily make up usage and is amazing for its value!
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