Mini clothing haul!

Evening my dear reader chums!

Today I went shopping with Maria to buy a few clothing items for dance and school. Primark is definitely the shop to buy the essentials of causal but cute clothing at affordable prices! If you're looking for some budget-friendly clothing, here are the items I chose on my shopping trip.

Collared white top

The first thing I bought was a cute/sophisticated blouse that has a floral pattern to wear for school or maybe with a skirt for parties. This is one of those items that you can dress up or down, where you can wear it with a skirt and heels or simply jeans/shorts. I have many tops like this in my wardrobe because I just love collared/blouse tops as they're really pretty, so I thought why not add another one to the collection.

Primark vest top 

The next thing I bought is a casual top which says geek chic on as I dance most days a week at school and needed more casual tops to wear for my lesson. Also, I thought I could wear it in the summertime with shorts to just through on at the beach due to it being rather light.

Primark green vest top 

Also, I bought another top for dance, this one in green saying dork, I usually don't wear green as its not really my colour, however, I liked this type of green, the way it looked on me and with it costing £4 it was easily affordable. I thought it would be perfect for dance and something casual to through on here and there.

Garnier body lotion 

The next thing I bought was the Garnier body lotion because it's getting nearer to summer and that means shorts weather is approaching and I wanted my legs to be smooth and not dry, especially as they're going to be seen a lot in the summer time. Garnier is usually a really good brand and their products smell really nice and work really well. 
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! 

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