Well hello my fellow readers!

It has now hit me that this time next week I'll be sitting my a level exams and I have to say I'm terrified! This years gone so quick, I never thought they'd come around so fast! I can honestly say the word panic is an understatement, I'm  so scared. I feel like there's no time to do anything and I won't know all the information by the exams. If that isn't enough to worry about, I have been set work on top of revision to cope with which is very time consuming. These probably aren't what I'm supposed to be thinking, i guess, I should be thinking positive and think I can do it! I've worked so hard this year that I shouldn't give up now!

My advise to you my fellow readers is don't be like me, calm down! Be positive and think you can do it! I know exam season is a worrying time for everyone and we're all under this pressure to do well and think we can't do it! However you shouldn't give  up when times get hard, you should just push through it! Trying your hardest is the only thing you can do, nobody should ask for more. So put in all the effort you can and you never know you may achieve that high grade that you weren't expecting. If you go in there and think you're going to fail, you won't be likely to succeed, you need to go in that exam hall and be in a positive mind set. Even if a really hard question comes up and you have no idea just apply what you know and what you have revised its all you can do.Just please don't give up! I've wanted to do that so many times but then I realise I can't, my future will depend on the grades I get, meaning I want to get the best I can. I want to do well, you won't get on top unless you work for it!

Good luck to all you readers taking exams next week, I hope you do amazingly well! Just stay positive, you can do it!

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