Why I switched to organic period care

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm exceptionally passionate about the planet and using products and items for our bodies, that care for their natural flow. Over the past few years, I've learnt more and more about the impact our environment has on our bodies, hormones and how we feel overall. It's one of the reasons I've invested time and energy into learning about the best products to use in my everyday life.

This is where period care comes in. I've been using my menstrual cup for a few years now as well as a variation of different organic sanitary products, and I'm always intrigued to try more.

AD - This post contains gifted products.

Why I switched to organic period care

I  have been sent various products from organic period product company Daye to sample on a gifted basis - and honestly, I'm in love. I gave my sister some of the products and we both agreed how much we loved them. The sanitary pads are comfortable, do what they say on the tin, are ultra-thin and have no fragrance, which I love as I know they're natural.

Another thing I love about the Daye brand overall is their passion for raising standards in gynae health by creating innovative products, suited to our bodies. I'm hugely passionate about gynae health and women having the right products and advice to care for our needs and problems. 

If you're looking to swap to organic period care, here are all the reasons I made the switch.

It's better for the environment 

I'm a bit of a sustainability nerd and love to do my bit to help the planet, from using reusable products to investing in organic period care. Organic period products are created with sustainable materials, meaning when disposed of, they're either biodegradable or flushable, it all depends on the brand. Daye has introduced the first flushable tampon wrapped as an example!

More comfort and ease 

For years growing up, I found mainstream period products caused irritation, itching and discomfort. I didn't realise there were organic options of alternatives away from the 'advertising' spotlight which reaped benefits for me and my vaginal health. Using organic period care has resulted in comfortable and less painful periods. I've found with a menstrual cup, it's actually reduced my period pain and sometimes, I don't even notice I'm on my period. Whilst, organic sanitary pads are more comfortable and don't feel as bulky or cause any irritation. Daye has developed the world's first CBD-infused tampon, designed to help 90% of women who suffer from period cramps.

Assurance of natural ingredients

Our health is the most important thing and as someone who believes in embracing the natural way of life as much as possible, this rings true with what I eat and the environment around me. I love how with organic period care, I have the assurance of the natural ingredients included in them. This means every time I use period products, I'm not putting any toxins into my body or causing any unnecessary illness and irritations.

Why I switched to organic period care

The ethics of organic period care companies

As the environment is crucial to me and my values, I love how with organic period companies, their ethics have the environment and health as a priority. Organic products are created using sustainable materials, either biodegradable, flushable or using materials which are easily recyclable. All of these purposes impact the environment positively. 

The price point

I thought swapping to organic period care would mean paying an extortionate amount of money for products, however, I found, the price point wasn't dramatically different. And as I have the privilege of being able to afford it, I can invest that money in products I love and know do me the world of good. Also, products that can be reused such as a menstrual cup may cost more initially, but in the long run, you save money as it's only purchased once and used on multiple occasions.

I'm in love with Daye and definitely recommend them if you're looking for a more eco-friendly alternative. Alongside pads, they offer CBD tampons (customers say it has pain relieving features), the world's first diagnostic tampon and their NEW period pain clinic.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What period products do you use?

Thank you for reading <3

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