How to save money for travelling

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Travelling is my life; I love nothing more than exploring new destinations and experiencing different cultures. There's something incredibly mesmerising about the world and its wonders and I feel blessed I'm able to witness so much of it.

If you're new to travelling or looking to plan some exciting trips, here are my tips on how to save money for travelling.

How to save money for travelling

Set a savings goal each month

Saving money is all about being disciplined and keeping your sights set on what you really want. This starts with having a savings goal for each month. Every month, you can have the same savings goal and stick to it, sending that money directly to your savings on payday. Alternatively, you can switch up the savings goal each month, based on what's occurring within that month and your outgoings. For example, one month you may be able to afford £300 in your savings and the other month, £50. Whatever you can save will add up.

Be strict with your monthly budget

A budget spreadsheet will be the answer to all of your prayers when it comes to saving money. In this spreadsheet, outline your outgoings for the month such as your bills, food and personal expenses. Then, you can see how much you're left with and lay out how you're going to spend it. For example, 20% of your disposable income can go into the savings travel pot and the other chunk on leisurely activities. 

Any spare cash - put away

Every month fluctuates on how you spend your disposable income, depending on what you get up to, the season and life changes. However, what you can do is at the end of every month, see what's left in your account before payday. Say you have £10, £50 or £100 spare, instead of keeping it in your main account to spend, throw that 'spare' money in your savings and allow your account to top up again on payday. This means at the end of each month, you will get another boost.

Limit unnecessary outgoings

We all have different things we spend our money on, whether it's a coffee out each morning or grabbing lunch at a cafe for work. Whatever the expense is here and there, it does add up. Take a look at your regular monthly spending habits and eliminate the unnecessary things or essentially, what you can live without. This could be going out for dinner too many times or beauty treatments. Whatever it is that you can hold back on, it'll help you reach your savings goal sooner.

Embrace the cheap and free things you can do

It can be hard to feel like you're missing out on everyday life when working towards a travel savings goal. Although, it's also a time where you can embrace the free and cheap things to do in life, and be inventive with fun activities. Whether it's finding somewhere new and exciting to go on a walk, making your own pizza night or having an art evening, there are plenty of fun things to do on a budget.

Work on a side hustle

Saving is one thing but if you want to increase your income to help you save more money quicker, a side hustle may help. This could either be getting a second job to work around your current job, doing something online or selling your items. Think strategically about what works best for you. If you're someone that works online, doing some freelance work is a useful way to earn an extra bit of cash, whilst if you're more of a people person, look into customer-facing jobs. Also when it comes to selling things, put your clothes on Vinted or Depop as an example.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. What other budget tips you've had?

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing, these are great tips for saving money for travelling, I need some tips sometimes not to over spend, at the moment as the cost of everything is increasing :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures


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