Where to visit and eat in Ella, Sri Lanka

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I miss Sri Lanka; the wonders of the nature scene, the kind people, the unique experiences, the hikes and the gorgeous viewpoints. I'd love to revisit Sri Lanka again and explore more of the country and go back to some of my favourite spots, including Ella.

Ella is one of the most popular spots in Sri Lanka because of its beautiful hiking trails, laidback atmosphere and prime location in nature. I loved the vibe of Ella because it was completely chill and one of the first destinations in Sri Lanka where we saw lots of tourists.


If you're new to Ella in Sri Lanka or looking for the best things to do, here is my guide on where to visit and eat in Ella, Sri Lanka.

Where to visit in Ella

The iconic train journey from Nuwara Eliya to Ella

Every person that has visited Ella is known to do the iconic journey between Kandy and Ella or Ella to Kandy. However, what I found through researching and speaking to locals is that the Kandy to Ella journey takes 8 hours. For some that's wonderful, but I also found that Nuwara Eliya is on the route and here, there are many gorgeous tea plantations to visit and experience in what they call 'Little England'. 

You can get the train route from Ella to Nuwara Eliya if you're already in Ella. Or, if you're doing the traditional tourist trail of Sri Lanka, you're likely to see Kandy before Ella. I would recommend booking a car or tour from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya to help you see the sights and then get the train from there.

Visit Nine Arches Bridge

The Nine Arches Bridge is one of the top attractions in Ella and is certainly worth the visit. What I loved most about this attraction was the route there. From the town, you can take a minor hike towards the Nine Arch Bridge and it really adds to the experience of it, rather than getting a tuk-tuk. This bridge is rather popular so I would suggest being aware of the many tourists and visiting as early as possible.

Climb Little Adam's Peak

Ella is renowned for its many hikes, from beginner level to professional. Little Adam's Peak is a hike for everyone and is recommended for all visitors to Ella. This hike is wonderful and has a lovely view of the surrounding mountains, including Adam's Peak. Adam's Peak is another hiking trail but it's for the advanced hikers with lots of experience in off-the-road hiking. We visited Little Adam's Peak just after sunrise and it was a phenomenal setting - but I wish we woke up a little earlier to see sunrise.

Walk up to Ravana Cave

 The climb to the top is pretty steep with lots of steps through the jungle and in the rain, certainly was an experience, but it was worth it in a weird way. As an ancient cave, it has a significant history and it is a unique thing to visit. I'm glad we went but the dark cave was pretty scary!

Visit Ravana Falls

I'm obsessed with waterfalls and love how Ella had plenty surrounding the town. Ravana Falls is one of the smaller waterfalls located close to the town, easily accessible if you want to see one and not travel too far. It's a fab spot to experience a touch of tranquillity. 

Hike and relax at Diyaluma Falls

My favourite activity we did in Ella had to be the Diyaluma Falls. As one of the larger waterfalls in the surrounding area, it was much further away than Ravana Falls but worth the visit, and you'll be able to spend the best part of half a day or longer here. The drive in the tuk-tuk takes around an hour depending on traffic. 

Diyaluma Falls is a huge waterfall and it takes a hike to reach. At times, this can be difficult, but worth every minute. When you arrive at Diyaluma Falls, be aware many locals will try and sell a tour to you, to take you to the main area of the falls. However, it's not needed unless you want to; you can easily access the falls by following the path. 

The Falls are completely serene featuring plenty of spots to swim, relax and soak up the sunshine. I would love to go back here and unwind for a few hours and watch the stunning views ahead of the countryside.

Wander around the town

Ella is a quaint town and despite the busy tourist appeal, it's charming to mooch around, considering the surrounding jungle and hipster-style cafes.

Where to eat in Ella

Ella Village Restaurant 

This hands down had to be my favourite restaurant in Ella and I would even say Sri Lanka, as the food was moreish in every possible way. They offer up a tapas style of food in Sri Lankan cuisine, with various dishes including vegetarian curries, dal and much more. I couldn't believe how cheap this restaurant was and the quality of every single dish.

Rainbow Cafe

Ella wasn't short of cool and Insta-worthy eateries as a tourist trail and this included the Rainbow Cafe. The menu looked too good to resist, including the delicious homemade hazelnut pancakes I had. They offered smoothie bowls and many typical brunch dishes. It's a great spot for breakfast and brunch, or to spend a few hours relaxing. We even met the owner of the Rainbow Cafe on our journey to the next destination in our taxi ride; she was originally from Ireland!

Cafe Chill

This had to be the most popular eating spot in Ella as it's located in the centre of the town, and the main strip of restaurants and cafes. It has a diverse menu with a combination of Western food and traditional Sri Lankan food, giving you the option to try something new or eat your home comforts.

Art Cafe

We found this quaint spot on a mooch around the town and it wasn't busy at all. The colourful cafe had a range of food and drinks, including fresh juices which is what we were after. I loved how the cafe has a used bookshelf to read, colourful decorations and a complete hipster vibe. 

Ice Cube Bar

Another popular hotspot, I loved this bustling restaurant on the main strip. It again, featured a huge tourist scene with popular Western dishes, however, various Asian food as well. I loved it here because it had a crowded, holiday feel to it and the noodles were delicious. 

Where to stay in Ella 

Despite the popularity of Ella, accommodation was easily accessible on a budget with plenty of cheap and wonderful options available. Whether you're looking for a hostel, guest house or hotel, there are many to suit your requirements. I stayed at Dinaro Guest, a guest house which only cost £7 a night! For that price, it was such a gorgeous spot, located nearby to the main town centre.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What is your favourite part of Sri Lanka?

Thank you for reading <3

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