How to plan a holiday on a budget*

Well hello to you my reader chums! With lockdown slowly easing and the opportunity of travel rearing its head, many people are starting to plan holidays and making travel plans - and I'm one of them. I've missed the thrill of travel; booking a trip and the exciting venture to the airport, knowing I'm going to make a million memories somewhere new.

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How to plan a holiday on a budget

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 Something I frequently get asked is how I afford to travel to so many places? And I always answer with that I do so on a budget. Due to the pandemic, prices to travel have altered, however, there are still ways you can do it for a cheaper price - and here are my tips.

Consider a staycation

In lockdown, I've come to appreciate where I live, more so than I ever have and I feel lucky to live on the Kent coast. I'm minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches and able to go on beach walks or picnics whenever I please. 

This got me thinking that venturing on a staycation is perfect to do, especially during this time. Staycations are a great opportunity to travel around locally and appreciate what you have on your doorstep. But the main reason to do it is you can save a lot of money by staying in the country. For instance, there is no cost going on an aeroplane, paying for luggage, or any transfer costs. You can simply take your car and everyone can pitch in for petrol - and with staycations, especially in England, there are plenty of campsites where you can host your own accommodation instead of paying for hotels.

Weigh up flight costs

However, if the thrill of jetting off somewhere is your idea of travel then there's no shame in that - and you can do it on a budget. Use the apps Skyscanner or Kayak to compare different flight times, flight dates, and compare them across loads of different countries. I love to choose the 'explore everywhere' option on Skyscanner as it compares the cheapest places to fly and sometimes flights can be as cheap as £10 to Europe - it's crazy.

Be flexible on your dates 

As I said when searching for dates, prices can really fluctuate depending on the day you choose to travel on. Prices are typically cheaper in the week than the weekend but that's not necessarily always the case, and it's worth having research around before booking your flights.

If you have a pretty strict work schedule, then I would suggest doing some research on the cheapest time to visit your chosen destination and then book the time off work.

Utilise your hand luggage as much as possible

I rarely travel with checked luggage unless I'm going somewhere for over a week as I can easily fit all my belongings into a hand luggage case. There are so many ways to minimise what you can pack into your suitcase including decanting your liquids, bringing versatile clothing, wearing your heaviest items, and rolling your clothes to fit in the case.

Avoid package deals from holiday companies

In my experience of booking trips, I've often found my travels to be a lot cheaper when I've put more research in and booked everything individually - as in paying for the flights and accommodation separately. Typically with holiday package deals, they often up the price for what a holiday costs - and that's why it's worth doing a lot of research before you buy.

Keep your eyes out for deals

Travel discounts and sales are everything you need when holidaying on a budget. These usually happen before peak season times - and what I like to do is sign up to airlines/holiday websites email newsletters so I'm the first one in the loop when a discount or sale is on. It may sound obvious but it's little things like this which can help you save a lot of pennies.

Plan a budget 

On any holiday, it's tempting to splurge or dine at the most expensive restaurant as we all say ' you've got to do it whilst on holiday.' But, I would say to plan out a budget for each day, bearing in mind your activities cost, food and transport and work within your means. Then, if you have a little dosh over at the end, you can do a big splurge on the last night. And, it'll stop you from paying out with the money you don't have.

Don't get too caught up in the cost

As much as planning on a budget is all about the costs, try and have a leeway with your minimum and maximum spend is, then you won't feel too pressured to find a price in a certain box. You'll be able to enjoy the process of planning and find a range of options in your overall budget.

Always have a backup plan with your bank

Going on holiday can mean unexpected costs. Whether you fall ill, lose your luggage, or need to book an extra night's stay, it's always good to bring extra money with you or have a credit card at hand if you run out of cash. To keep in contact with your bank, it's important to know the bank opening times back home in the UK to call them if you need some financial help or advice.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What budgeting tips do you have?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I love planning holidays on a budget! It is so fun finding out the lowest price you can get it for!

    Amber - The Unpredicted Page


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