How to deal with overthinking

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a massive overthinker, I always have been. Even the littlest of things can multiply into a million different thoughts, and I think the worse. It's all part of living with anxiety, and really become a part of my everyday life.

This post isn't going to be the solution to stop overthinking, I'm going to share some tips and advice which help me deal with it. Whether you're a worrier or massively overthink, here is my guide on how to deal with overthinking.

How to deal with overthinking

Remind yourself it's your mind doing the talking

This is a point which really helps me when my mind is off on a wander down many roads. Overthinking or wandering thoughts are usually irrational and fabricated, they're not realistic. They're not going to happen or what's going on. This is what I try to remind myself of. Overthinking thoughts isn't logical, they don't make sense and are usually your mind playing tricks on you. Try and remind yourself of this when they keep bothering you.

Have distractions in place

Sometimes it's hard to quieten the thoughts dancing around your mind and this is why distractions can help. I'm not saying they're the answer to help you feel better but they can put your mind at ease for the time being. Whether it's listening to your favourite music, watching a TV show, organising the house or doing one of your favourite hobbies. We all have things which make us feel better and smile. Make a list of those things and have them in place so you can find distractions easily.

Speak to someone to help 

A problem shared is a problem halved. I find talking about my overthinking to others very beneficial as they can help put my mind at rest. What I mean by this, is to remind me my overthinking isn't logical, it's all in my head and nothing like that will happen. They can help bring me back down to earth and be present at the moment a little bit more.

Practice healthy mindful habits

Healthy mindful habits are key to living a better life. This means practising gratitude every day, finding joy in the little things, learning when you need to say no, eating well, exercising regularly and staying social. There are many things which help our well-being and it's important to find the factors which benefit yours. This in turn can help when it comes to overthinking. You'll find if you practice healthy mindful habits, overthinking will become a lot less because you can train your brain to think more positively and grateful.

Have a solid nighttime routine 

Having the right amount of sleep is incredibly important to our mental health and well-being. A solid nighttime routine can help aid a good night of sleep and diminish overthinking patterns. Night routines look different for everyone. It could be spending an hour or so unwinding, from showering, skincare routine, and journaling to practising meditation. Find what works for you. I like to have a skincare routine, read and stay hydrated before bed.

Learn what the triggers of overthinking are

Overthinking doesn't just come out of nowhere, there are causes to make you think like that. Whether it's something someone has said, a negative thought you've had about yourself or a certain situation. Figure out the cause of the overthinking and it can help you find solutions to avoiding the triggers in the first place. 

Keep a log of triggers and solutions 

This leads me to this tip: keep a log. Journalling can be incredibly powerful in helping your figure out the patterns of your mind and how you can help yourself. Note down when the overthinking has begun and what happened before that. After logging in a few times, you may notice a pattern on the triggers and can start to look for solutions.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What tips would you add?

Thank you for reading <3

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