The best of 2017

Well hello to you my reader chums and a Happy New Year! I can't believe 2017 is over and we're a few days into 2018, the time has flown by way too quickly. For me, 2017 was a year of change in many different ways but 12 months packed with plenty of exciting moments. Today, I wanted to share my highlights of 2017...

Holidays - I'm a massive travel addict and when it comes to holidays, 2017 was no short of those. I visited Milan, New York, Malta, Amsterdam, Rome and Venice! When I look back, I still can't believe I was able to see all those places in one year and tick 3 more destinations off my bucket list. In February, my gal pals and I visited Milan for a short weekend break, seeing all the sights and soaking up the Italian culture. May brought a 5-day venture to New York with my twin sister to celebrate our 21st the following month. To this day, I'm amazed I was able to walk through Time Square, go up the Rockfeller Center and see a show on Broadway. The summer holiday happened in June, where a group of 10 of us vacated to Malta for a week of sunshine, sea and all things relaxation. In September, I jetted off to Amsterdam for a weekend away and saw all the best sights including Anne Franks House, Van Gogh's museum, Dam Square and the famous canals. My last trip of the year was a 5-day venture to Rome and Venice. Rome was everything I remembered it to be with the historic sites, fantastic food and bustling city. Venice took my breath away, it was like walking into a dream you never wanted to wake up from. The canals, gondola ride, St Marks Square and all that gelato were my highlights.

36 hours in Milan

Central Park New York

Malta group holiday

I can now say I've been to another continent besides Europe, rode on a gondola, seen Anne Frank's house, returned to my favourite Italian city and truly experienced travelling that little bit more. 

Turning 21 - 2017 was the year I celebrated my 21st birthday. My twin sister and I threw a party and invited all our loved ones. It was the most fabulous night surrounded by all my family and closest friends that I couldn't be more thankful. We danced the night away to all the best party tunes and sung our hearts out.

21st birthday

Concerts - I'm a massive fangirl and love attending concerts. There's nothing more magical than watching your favourite artist sing live, surrounded by other adoring fans. I went to see Shawn Mendes, Scouting for Girls at a university summer ball, Olly Murs, Robbie Williams, Collabro and my favourite artist Harry Styles. Every single artist put on a corker of a show and I feel incredibly lucky to have watched them live. I also went to the Vicars Picnic, a family-style festival filled with fantastic tunes and activities.

Harry Styles on tour

Shawn Mendes tour

Meeting celebrities - I wouldn't say I'm a big celebrity follower, however, I do admire quite a few famous names. This year I was lucky enough to finally meet my favourite YouTuber twins, Lucy and Lydia and superstar model, Cara Delevingne. 

Youtubers Lucy and Lydia

Cara Delevingne book signing

Theatre shows - Going to the theatre has got to be one of my favourite activities. Whether it's a musical or comedy show, I can't get enough. This year I was lucky enough to see Les Miserables, a musical I've been wanting to see forever, Lion King on Broadway in NYC and Sister Act. 

Les Miserables musical in London

My best friends - I have a close knit friendship girl group and even though there's been a few life changes this year, I know we've still always got each other. 2017 has been a big year filled with celebrations, adventures and a whole lot of laughs. Thank you to my best friends for being you and accepting me as me.

Glamping in Brighton

Family - 2017 brought a lot of exciting family memories. There were many more meet ups, a wedding and meals out, to ensure we had that time together. I'm so lucky to have a big yet close family with all my cousins and I hope 2018 brings even more family time.

A few more favourite snaps from 2017...

Thank you to my family and close friends for making 2017 a truly special year. I've broadened my horizons with travelling, learnt more about myself and really grown within me. I've tackled my anxiety, even more, met new people and had some of the best experiences. 2018, I can't wait to see what you bring! Here's to another year of adventures, self-growth and special moments with my loved ones.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What were your favourite moments in 2017?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I'm going to see Harry Styles in April and I am beyond excited!! Great post :)

    -Charlotte x

    1. I hope you have a fab time - he puts on the best show! Thank you lovely xx


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